2022 NCAA Baseball Arc printable, regional schedule, TV times: Miami Regionals lag

On Monday, the selection committee announced the 64th field for the 2022 NCAA Division I baseball tournament, which we’ll reveal shortly. Before we move on, you should know that the NCAA baseball tournament structure is a little different than the more common variant of hoops.

Here are some quick takeaways on the subject:

  • The field this year includes 31 automatic bidders across conference tournaments and 33 large entrants. The first round of play is known as regional, and it is a double elimination format. Each of the 16 No. 1 seeds hosts their own four-team regional team, when applicable. Each of the sixteen regional regions is rated from one to four. In each area, No. 1 faces No. 4, and No. 2 faces No. 3 on the first day of work. After that, the winners of these two matches play each other, while the losers play the game of elimination.
  • The winner from each region advances to the regional super. The Super Regional, with a total of 16 teams, is the best three-series format.
  • Regional Super winners – eight teams in total – advance to the College World Series in Omaha, Nebraska.
  • The College World Series is a two-elimination format until the last two teams are left standing. At this point, the boards are cleared of their proper place, and one of the top three strings is to determine the National Champion.

Field 64 also includes eight National Seeds, which you might consider a pre-tour favorite for getting to Omaha. Here are them for this year, ranked in order with the regular season record:

  1. Tennessee, 53-7
  2. Stanford, 14-40
  3. Oregon, 44-14
  4. Virginia Tech, 41-12
  5. Texas A&M, 37-18
  6. Miami, Florida, 39-18
  7. Oklahoma State, 39-20
  8. East Carolina, 42-18

If a national seed wins its region, it hosts the greater regional region when possible. Otherwise, the Super Regionals locations will be announced after the regional round ends.

And now for the full domain. Regional play begins Friday, June 3. Now here are the matches for all 16 regional tournaments – a reminder that each region is seeded from one to four and is hosted by one of the 16 national seed.

NCAA Baseball Tournament Schedule

  • Regionals: starts Friday 3 June; Ends Monday 6th June
  • Super Regional: starts Friday 10 June; Ends Monday 13th June
  • College World Series Introductory: Friday 17 June
  • College World Series Finals (best of 3): Starts on Saturday 25th June

full arc

Here’s a link to the full NCAA.com bracketwhich includes region versus region pairs for superregions.

Knoxville Regional

Hosted by the No. 1 National Ranked Tennessee.

Friday 3 June

  • Campbell 15, Georgia Tech 8
  • Tennessee 10, Alabama 0

Saturday 4th June

  • Georgia Tech 13, Alabama 4 (Alabama abolished)

Auburn Regional

Hosted by National Ranked No. 14 Auburn.

Friday 3 June

  • Florida St. 5, University of California 3
  • Auburn 19, Southeast Los Angeles.7

Saturday 4th June

  • UCLA 16, Southeastern La. 2 (exclude southeast US)

Regional Blacksburg

Hosted by National Ranking No. 4 Virginia Tech.

Friday 3 June

  • Columbia 8, Gonzaga 2
  • Virginia Tech 15, Wright State 9

Saturday 4th June

  • Gonzaga 11, Wright State 9 (Wright State excluded)

Stillwater Regional

Hosted by the No. 7 National Ranking Oklahoma State.

Friday 3 June

  • Arkansas 7, Grand Canyon 1
  • Oklahoma State 10, Missouri State 5

Saturday 4th June

  • Missouri State 8, Grand Canyon 7 (Grand Canyon eliminated)

Greenville Regional

Hosted by the National Number 8 seed in East Carolina.

Friday 3 June

  • East Carolina 17, versus 4. Cobain State 1
  • Virginia 7, Coastal Carolina 2

Saturday 4th June

  • Coastal Carolina 10, Coppin State 8 (Coppin State excluded)

Gainesville Regional District

Hosted by National Ranked No. 13 Florida.

Friday 3 June

  • Oklahoma 16, Liberty 3
  • Florida 7, Central Michigan 3

Saturday 4th June

  • Central Michigan 3, Liberty 2 (Liberty eliminated)

College Park Regional

Hosted by the Maryland National Ranked #15.

Friday 3 June

  • UConn 8, Wake Forest 7
  • Maryland 23, Long Island 2

Saturday 4th June

  • Wake Forest 10, Long Island 4 (Long Island excluded)

Regional College Station

Hosted by National Number 5 ranked Texas A&M.

Friday 3 June

  • Texas A&M 8, Oral Roberts 2
  • Louisiana 7, University of California 6

Saturday 4th June

  • TCU 3, Oral Roberts 1 (Oral Roberts excluded)

Austin Regional

Hosted by the National Number 9 seed in Texas.

Friday 3 June

  • Texas 11, Air Force 3
  • Louisiana Tech 12, Dallas Baptiste 5

Saturday 4th June

  • Air Force 5, Dallas Baptist 1 (Dallas Baptist eliminated)

Chapel Hill Regional

Hosted by the National No. 10 seed in North Carolina.

Friday 3 June

  • North Carolina 15, Hofstra 4
  • VCU 8, Georgia 1

Saturday 4th June

  • Georgia 24, Hofstra 1 (Hofstra excluded)

Hattiesburg Regional

Hosted by the National Ranked No. 11 of Southern Mississippi.

Friday 3 June

  • Miss South .2, Army 0
  • LSU 14, Kennesaw State 11

Saturday 4th June

  • Kennesaw State 9th, 8th Army (elimination of the army)

Louisville Regional

Hosted by the National No. 12 ranked Louisville.

Friday 3 June

  • Louisville 7, Southeast Missouri 2
  • Michigan 8, Oregon 6

Saturday 4th June

  • Oregon 18, Southeast Missouri 6 (Elimination of Southeast Missouri)
  • Michigan 7, Louisville 3

Statesboro Regional

Hosted by the 16th National Ranked South Georgia.

Friday 3 June

  • Notre Dame 3, Texas Tech 2

Saturday 4th June

  • South Georgia 8, UNC Greensboro 0
  • Texas Tech 2, UNC Greensboro 0 (UNC Greensboro has been phased out)

Stanford Regional

Hosted by the No. 2 National Ranked Stanford.

Friday 3 June

  • Stanford 20, Binghamton 7
  • Texas State 7, University of California – Santa Barbara 3

Saturday 4th June

  • University of California – Santa Barbara 9, Binghamton 4 (Binghamton excluded)

Regional Corvallis

Hosted by Oregon National Ranked No. 3.

Friday 3 June

  • Oregon State 5, New Mexico State 4 (F-10)
  • San Diego 3, Vanderbilt 2

Saturday 4th June

  • Vanderbilt 21, New Mexico State 1 (Elimination of New Mexico State)

Regional Coral Gables

Hosted by the 6th National Ranked Miami-FL. Games in Miami have been postponed from Friday to Saturday due to a tropical storm warning in the area.

Saturday 4th June

  • 1. Miami (Florida) (39-18) vs. 4. Canisius (29-23) – 5:30 PM ET (ESPN+)
  • 2. Arizona (37-23) vs. 3. Ole Miss (32-22) – 55 minutes after Game 1 (ESPN+)

Now for some quick take on the 64-team field above:

  • There will be no repeat this year, as the governing National Champion Mississippi (26-30) has not received an offer. No team has had a repeat National Champion at the Division I level since South Carolina in 2010 and 2011.
  • Florida State makes its 44th consecutive appearance in the NCAA Championship.
  • This year’s field includes two teams appearing in the championship for the first time ever – Cobain State and Hofstra.
  • At the conference level, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the ACC lead all entrants with nine bids each.
  • Next in line is Big 12 and Pac-12 with five bids each.

All of the above lead to the College World Series at Charles Schwab Stadium in Omaha, which begins Friday, June 17.