Abba Voyage Review – A dazzling splendor of ancient futurism | daddy

It starts with Visitorsan icy electronic track where tyrannical agents knock on the door of the dreaded fair – not daddy You were expecting to attend this groundbreaking, brilliant, and futuristic show. The song’s lead singer, Annie Fred Lingstad, as we all know, isn’t on stage tonight either. She and her bandmates are 3D shows created via granular CGI for Industrial Light & Magic (ILMwho cuts her teeth star Wars and Marvel movies.

However, Lingstad’s real-world trials are out of the ordinary. The rustle of hair, the dentistry, and the believability of her 1979 dance moves all contribute to the desire to suspend your disbelief and shake off this surreal, all-encompassing journey daddy Fans expect – the hits and the costumes – but they still manage to surprise.

in the middle of the group Eaglewhich plays the role of an anime video mission you remember Studio Ghibli video game 2012 a trip. It’s not clear what the animators are doing here other than stuffing the theme of the trip while the “performers” allegedly “change clothes” – one of the many little tics that make this party feel so real. But it certainly has to do with Abba’s desire to be understood as a contemporary audio-visual drive and shakers, which they achieve, and then some.

Soon after that comes Put all your love on mewhere 40s are often misunderstood as a light Swedish leisure costume, they make a serious attempt to outdo the robot 3D Craftwork with luminous you can see Litigation and Compliance with Electronics. Under Benny Anderson’s work the church organ there is a synth line that would make itself Early Deira Mode proud.

Much of Abba Voyage is dedicated, of course, to Chiquitas, Fernandos, Mama Mias, and Waterloos from the playlist exaggeration. It’s a stage show, with a 7.45 start and prayers, rather than a party. Accompanying this production is quite a big number, which really captures much of the essence of one of the biggest orchestras in the world in their prime, and gives or takes a little glassy expression here and there. One thousand animators digitized footage of four, who were filmed performing their songs by 120 motion cameras, and then projected onto this 65m pixel screen. This specially designed, foldable 3,000-capacity dock is designed to be shipped elsewhere with a relatively smaller carbon footprint. The surround sound is great (291 speakers), the 10-piece band is lively, bringing out the vocals of the 70’s and 80’s. Many downlight ropes are not a million miles away The amazing and immersive rave shows of Four Tet.

However, the larger number is the bottom line. This project needs to recover £140m to break even. It was a deliriously expensive project, with corporate, brand and advertising sponsors conspicuous by their absence. So far, the most futuristic artificial party I’ve seen was Live augmented reality broadcast of Billie Eilish The year 2020, where a giant luxury car “raced” on stage, paid part of the bill, no doubt. There is only one sponsor here: Shipping company This will, in the end, take this nostalgic circus elsewhere.

Aba Voyage
Photography: Johann Pearson/PA

It’s only natural that we consider which stars might try to copy ABBA’s traveling show in the 21st century. But the group’s deep pockets – Mama Mia! Millions? An expert creative control of detail ensured that this task was one that few, at least with such proven secrets, would do.

For the most enduring pleasure in the whole endeavor is precisely how difficult the journey is; How is it not Madame Tussauds with faster lines. A kind of Scandinavian sophistication is built into everything from the building’s pine exterior to the melodies themselves, where stoicism and barely common sense mask the unbridled misery of a series of vacations.

When all is said and done And the Winner gets everything Delivering its dismal payload, even when ghosts sing it into the machine. which he misused the theme tune of Alan Partridge, You know me, I know youIt restores many of its dandruff-like effects. The striking treatment indicates the presence of a hall of broken mirrors, in which the members of ABBA break up, embrace and fall apart again.

  • Aba Voyage Runs at Abba Arena, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London E20, until May 28, 2023