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K Health is a telehealth company that offers a range of affordable medical consultations via a mobile app. Services available include urgent care, mental health care, and child care.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) It states that digital health technologies can reduce inefficiencies, improve access, and personalize medicine for individuals.

This article discusses what your health It is, for whom it is, its pros and cons, and the costs involved. It also explores customer testimonials, compares K Health to competitors, and answers some of the most frequently asked questions about the company.

There are a range of pros and cons that a person should consider when considering the use of K Health and its services.

research He points out that some of the additional limitations of telehealth platforms include security breaches, regulatory barriers, and potential disruption to the continuity of a person’s care. It is also impossible for a doctor to complete a complete history and physical examination of online users.

K Health is a telemedicine platform. Offers affordable primary and urgent care, mental health and pediatrics services online. Anyone can access certified doctors 24-7 through K Health and get prescriptions and refills on the go.

Anyone can also check their symptoms through the company’s symptom checker mobile app. This app uses artificial intelligence and data from medical records and doctors to provide free recommendations and answers to questions about medical conditions.

company The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) compatible.

K Health is suitable for people who want to check their symptoms and get remote medical advice. It may also be suitable for people on low incomes.

according to Medical Expenditure Survey 2016In the US, the average cost of a doctor’s office visit was $265. The authors write that pediatric visits cost, on average, $169. K Health offers appointments starting at $35.

People who do not have health insurance can also use K Health. According to the United States Census Bureau, about 8.7% of people in the United States did not have health insurance in 2020. Learn more about how to access health care without insurance.

However, people who need to speak with professionals, such as dermatologists or gynecologists, will not be able to do so with K Health.

Additionally, K Health states that it does not treat children under 3 years of age. People with younger children may have to access services through another telehealth platform or their regular healthcare professional.

K Health does not cover lab tests, hospital visits, or the cost of medications. Additionally, some services are not available in Alaska and Hawaii. The person must verify K Health website To see if the service they are requesting is available at their location.

K Health is not a suitable platform for people with a medical emergency. In this case, the person should call 911 or go to the emergency room.

To sign up for K Health, individuals will need to go to the company’s website to create an account and provide billing information.

A person will need a smartphone to access K Health. The app is available for iOS And Android devices.

Once downloaded, the app has various menu and options for non-members and members. These include:

  • Get urgent care
  • Chronic condition management
  • Get mental health treatment
  • Carry out annual checkups
  • Refill prescriptions
  • Access to child care

The person will be able to follow the instructions for each of the services included in the list.

To get care from the right person, users will answer questions posed by the application’s AI, which will suggest who is most suitable to talk to.

Symptom Checker

If a person wants to check their symptoms before speaking with a healthcare professional, they can use the K Health Symptom Checker. They will need to explain their symptoms and answer the basic questions provided by the app to narrow down what might be causing their symptoms. The AI ​​will check their answers against a database to make predictions about a person’s condition.

This can help the person decide whether to seek a doctor’s consultation through K Health or in person, what over-the-counter medications might help, and whether a person should seek pediatric advice for a child. K Health states that the symptom checker is 85% accurate.

If someone wants to speak with a doctor, they can confirm the reservation and pay through the app.

Doctor’s advice

Once an individual contacts a doctor, they can get advice about long-term treatment plans, such as suggestions for changes in diet, exercise, or mental health follow-up.

Furthermore, adults can get a note of when they spoke with the doctor and some general details about their treatment plan. They can also get satisfying feedback for kids.

medical prescriptions

Anyone can manage prescriptions through the K Health app, and choose whether they want to pick them up at home or at their local pharmacy. A person will have to cover the cost of the drug themselves.

It is important to note that online physicians cannot prescribe controlled substances.

Learn more about how K Health works here.

K Health offers four types of programs:

urgent care

According to the website, people who need urgent care can get advice and treatment for hundreds of conditions, including:

Anyone can get one urgent care consultation for $35 or unlimited appointments with the $49 monthly membership.

Primary health care

K Health states that it provides comprehensive primary health care to manage current conditions and prevent future cases. This is only available to members.

Like other K Health services, people have 24/7 access to a doctor for consultations, medication refills, and more.

Conditions that K Health doctors can help treat or manage include:

K Health notes that chronic care is available to people ages 18 to 64 in 48 US states. It is not available in Alaska and Hawaii.

Psychological health

K Health states that it provides a safe place for people to access mental health help. During mental health appointments, a person will contact the doctor via a text message rather than a face-to-face consultation.

Anyone can take a free online assessment before signing up for K Health’s mental health service. This assessment will determine if K Health is appropriate for a person’s needs based on the symptoms they report. If a person has severe symptoms of a mental health condition, the evaluation will suggest that they see a doctor in person for appropriate care.

This service is only available to members.

The mental health conditions that K Health can help with include:

They may also prescribe certain medications, including:

K Health mental health service is not available in Alaska or Hawaii.


K Health treats children ages 3 to 17. Anyone can obtain treatment plans, prescriptions, and sick notes during a pediatric consultation.

Treatments at K Health Pediatrics include those for:

However, K Health notes that it does not treat conditions that require personal exams or exams. This includes ear infections, urinary tract infections, sore throats, and sexually transmitted diseases. Additionally, K Health does not treat COVID-19 in children.

Members can access pediatric services for a monthly fee of $49. Non-members can get a one-session doctor’s consultation for $35.

K Health’s prices are below the average cost of a doctor’s office visit. However, all costs are out of pocket.

Anyone can pay $35 for individual appointments through some K Health programs or pay a $49 monthly membership fee to access all K Health services with unlimited appointments.

K Health does not cover the cost of lab tests, hospital visits, or medications. The cost of these will depend on what the person needs.

People do not need health insurance to use K Health. The brand states that consumers cannot use insurance to pay for some services, including mental health care.

For those who need help with ED, K Health can offer prescriptions for FDA-approved medications starting at $1 per dose.

Learn more about erectile dysfunction treatments.

The company accepts the following payment methods:

a Study 2021 She found that while virtual urgent care can be very effective, continuous monitoring and consistent quality assurance are critical to patient and personnel safety.

The company is rated A+ on Better Business Bureau (BBB) But it is not supported. There were 27 customer reviews at the time of publication, with an average rating of 1.7 out of 5.

People have filed 16 complaints against K Health on the BBB in the past three years. Complaints and negative reviews indicate that users were unable to get the treatment and had billing problems. Users also claimed that doctors did not give the prescriptions they needed.

On the unclaimed company Trustpilot Profile, it has a rating of 2.2 based on over 370 reviews. Most complaints refer to long waiting times, false advertisements for quick prescriptions, and unprofessional doctors.

The table below compares K Health with its competitors.

Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about K Health.

Is K Health a legitimate company?

K Health is a legitimate company and states that it complies with laws and regulations regarding healthcare and health privacy.

However, the company has received a large number of negative reviews online which raise concerns about getting proper treatment and the professionalism of the company’s doctors.

What conditions does K Health treat?

The brand says it can help treat hundreds of conditions. This includes urgent care, pediatrics, and mental health conditions. Examples of conditions that K Health treats are asthma, anxiety, depression, infections, and type 2 diabetes.

A person with a medical emergency should not use a telehealth company such as K Health. They should call 911 or go to the emergency room instead.

How long to wait for a K Health appointment?

The company claims that users can access the K Health platform 24-7 and request to speak with any available physician immediately. Some online reviews indicate that people can sometimes wait a long time to speak with a doctor.

Does K Health prescribe anxiety medication?

Doctors at K Health can prescribe some medications to treat anxiety, such as buspirone, fluoxetine, escitalopram and venlafaxine. However, K Health doctors cannot prescribe controlled substances such as Xanax or medications for ADHD.

Does K Health Provide Doctors Feedback?

Yes, doctors at K Health can provide sick notes for children and a doctor’s note for adults.

K Health is a telehealth platform that can provide urgent, primary, mental health and childcare at affordable prices. Individuals can access a doctor at any time of the day for a flat fee per session or a monthly membership fee.

The company also provides an app with an AI symptom checker that people can use to better understand their symptoms, receive suggestions on possible causes, and see if they need treatment.

K Health does not have a good reputation according to online reviews. In addition, K Health is not suitable for people in a medical emergency or those who require care from medical professionals, such as dermatologists.

It’s important to note that people should not use telehealth services like K Health in place of necessary in-person care, and the company cannot provide tests, physical exams, or surgery.