Atos, UCL, and Arm collaborate to bring broader possibilities of cloud computing for life science applications

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afingersAnd the UCL and arm As a team to provide broader Cloud computing capabilities for life sciences Applications

Paris France June 1StreetAnd the 2022 Atos and UCL today announced the running of their virus sequencing tool, Viridian, which is used to detect a mutation in the SARS-Cov-2 strain of coronavirus, using an Arm®-based Ampere® Altra® processor in a cloud-native environment with Atos integration expertise. Proof of Concept (PoC) formatted by Atos Life science center of excellence Which aims to foster a culture of exploration, discovery, and co-creation to harness the power of digital technologies to advance precision health and accelerate drug discovery and development.

As data grows exponentially and becomes more and more difficult to process for life and data science applications, scientists are relying on high-performance computing and parallel computing to quickly process and analyze massive amounts of data.

The Arm Neoverse™ platform, Ampere Altra, is for cloud-native workloads, meaning simulation and results can be achieved not just on premises but directly in the cloud, on any type of HPC platform and from anywhere.

This will be easier with the use of Atos’ nimbex Super Computing Suite; Deliver flexible, scalable, and easy-to-use cloud solutions to researchers and scientists for computing-intensive workflows.

With more and more labs using arm-based solutions, this successful PoC demonstration means that they will now be able to run Viridian on their systems, enabling them to study life science workflows and detect various mutations in the SARS-CoV-2 genome, in in order to ultimately help in the fight against COVID-19.

This work brought together expertise skills from a team of Atos and Arm experts focused on hardware and software improvements, along with a UCL science team dedicated to scientific applications for these specific use cases. This collaboration enabled the optimization of both software and hardware in this joint design effort to meet the demands of influential and evolving genomics workflows, which have already been deployed in clinical settings.

Emmanuel Le Roux, Group Senior Vice President, Global Head of HPC, Artificial Intelligence and Quantum in Athos, hung Being the undisputed European leader in HPC Not only About delivery Most systems for European HPC centers in terms of petaflops but also about a job Carefully with Many European Research and Scientific Institutions for Empowerment Different Daily critical data and simulation productions. This business is under the umbrella The Former Atos Life Sciences CentercelenceAnd the Demonstrates that cooperation between academia And industry through supercomputing power creates New horizons for scientific breakthroughs. todaywe have again Demonstrate the importance of hybrid computing to enhance innovation and Providing scientists with concrete life sciences applications.

Alex Wade Research Associate in UCLAnd the He said: “This token code effort between Arm, Atos, and UCL has allowed the improvement of both new Arm hardware and cutting-edge genomics software, enhancing both for real-life science applications. Collaboration with industry partners demonstrated a key insight for the future of HPC applications where hardware and software are tuned for performance in tandem with Side, contrary to the typical story of software constantly being updated to match new hardware versions.This work was carried out as part of the Center of Excellence in Computational Biomedicine (Compumed) It was possible because Compumed Extensive multidisciplinary experience. arm and atos they were Valuable partners in this work We hope that this work will lead to future collaborations and can serve as a model for other icon design activities.


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