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Remote work has become commonplace for many companies as they grapple with the ongoing effects of the pandemic. As projects continue to progress, offices and studios have adopted safer working practices to keep their teams connected and motivated. Continuous development and recurring approach Mixed Work Environments It has also become a growing reality for companies this year.

Archinect . Jobsthe go-to industry source for Job seekers And Employment companies, continues to see a slight increase in jobs specifically for remote workers. This week, Archinect is introducing 13 job openings from nine companies that are currently offering full-time and part-time jobs for remote work. We’ve also highlighted remote job opportunities for recent graduates.

Parking garage on Center Street, Berkeley designed by Marcy Wong Don Logan Architects in association with Name Design Studio.

Name Design Studio, Inc seeks Interface Designer/Project Architect

details: We are interface designers and digital fabrication specialists based in Los Angeles, California. Our mission is to develop concepts into high quality facade systems that are accurate, buildable and within budget. We focus on projects with complex facade geometries that require intelligent engineering, detailed solutions, advanced 3D technologies, and simplified manufacturing processes. The role of the candidate is an interface designer working under the supervision of a senior interface designer to design, model, and document interface systems. Minimum qualifications for this role include 5-10 years of professional experience, Bachelor’s/Master’s degree in Architecture, deep working knowledge of Revit, and deep working knowledge of Rhino. Read more here.

Jeff Architects Seek Expert Architectural DesignerAnd Mid-level Architectural DesignerAnd budding architectural designer

details: “At JIVE Architecture, our hands-on approach to a workplace culture is elegant and professional. We pride ourselves on fostering growth and development for all our partners and partners, giving everyone an opportunity to unleash their full potential in our industry. We believe that the team is our greatest asset to success at scale. Our values ​​begin essential to the health and well-being of our employees so that we can provide leadership and dedication to our clients. We embrace diversity in the workplace and believe in creating opportunities for success for all our partners and partners. JIVE Architecture offers subscriptions to certain professional licensing courses available for your use, attributing your growth as a strategic investment for our future.” Read more about each job position here.

Halliard, Inc. seeks Senior Architectural Manager – Functional Captain

details: Halyard, Inc. is seeking a Senior Architect to assist the Vice President of Construction in overseeing San Francisco apartment building renovation and new condo (ADU) projects. Supervising a team of captains and architects with a focus on design development and permit approvals. Examples of Reduction Minimum requirements and qualifications include a bachelor’s or master’s degree in architecture or a related field, at least 10 years of experience working on multifamily projects, and a license to practice in California (preferred). Read more here.

Clarendon Heights Midcentury Remodel. Lincoln Lighttail Architect Project. Image © Time D Coy Photography and Larry Wong / Courtesy of Lincoln Lighthill Architect.

Lincoln Lightttle engineer seeks Designer/Architect

details: Lincoln Lighthill Architect (LLA) is a full-service architecture firm with projects throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. We design modern and sustainable residential and commercial space, with a focus on creative and innovative problem-solving that integrates art and science to benefit our clients, community, and planet. We are looking for a talented and well-experienced designer/architect who will assist in carrying out projects from start to construction.As a member of our small team, you will work closely with the company’s manager and other staff.Candidates should be comfortable putting together drawing kits for small and medium sized projects from start to finish The end.” Read more here.

Manning, APC seeks Project Architects

details: “Manning, APC is a respected architecture, interior design and planning firm with over 35 years of experience in the United States and abroad. Headquartered in New Orleans and with offices in Dallas and Baton Rouge, our passionate team makes our clients’ insights pay off. Manning, APC is an EOS (leading operating system) company operating in a fast-paced, customer-centric environment. We love what we do and we enjoy doing it. If you share our commitment to collaboration and our core values ​​of balance, curiosity, gratitude, humility and respect we would love to talk to you.” Read more here.

asylab Seek Architectural Technology TraineeAnd Business development traineeAnd Business Development Assistant

details: “Acelab is a new digital platform that connects architects, contractors, and homeowners with manufacturers of building products. We have the largest and most comprehensive online product library of window products for sale in the US, and soon we will be expanding into doors, thermal insulation, facades, roofs, vapor barriers and more.” Jobs are pushed training. Read more about each job position here.

Residence Sands Point. Project and image courtesy of Studio DuBois.

studio dubois seeks Project Architects

details: “Studio DuBois Architects is looking for a full-time, design-oriented Project Architect to work on high-end residential projects. We are looking for someone to play a strong role in every step of the design and implementation of our projects from start to finish. This is an excellent opportunity for someone with a deep interest in integrating homes with Their locations, shaping the experiential qualities of the spaces, seamlessly integrating sustainability and flexibility into the DNA of each project.Studio DuBois is an award winning, internationally published company based in Austin and New York City.Projects are located in these two locations and the location can be either remote or mixed.It is a plus if The candidate was located in Austin or Central Texas.” READ MORE here.

atmos Seek Architectural visualization artist

details: “We are on a mission to revive and modernize the American Dream by bringing home building online. We couldn’t be more excited to work at the intersection of software with the real world, because this is where the best progress for our community in the next 10 years will come from. […] We are looking for an Architectural Visualization Artist to join our team and help build our portfolio of custom looking home models. You will be responsible for creating custom reusable 3D assets, textures, and architectural models. In addition, you will be involved in optimizing product lines and creating new ones as we expand on new visualization media. Read more here.

spatial scales seeks Design technology engineer

details: Spatio Metrics is an all-in-one design analysis and data visualization platform for architects who want to deliver high-impact buildings within project constraints. This is a full-time, remote role reporting directly to the Co-Founder/Chief Technology Officer. You will be an essential member of a small team, and play A critical role in enabling architects to leverage data to deliver high-impact buildings. It will flex the muscles of the Grasshopper/Rhino to ensure clients have exhilarating and rewarding experiences with Spatio.” Read More here.

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