Bill Kumar brings years of success

Bill Kumar, who served as Ball State's COO last season, has been named special assistant head coach under Michael Lewis.

MUNCIE, Ind. Bill Comar has been a part of Shows that has hosted the NCAA Championship 12 times throughout his career.

The Chicago-area native has been part of some excellent Midwestern college basketball team during his 28 years working in the sport. He found his way to Ball State last season and will stay there As Special Assistant to Coach Michael Lewis.

Kumar has worked with a few first-year coaches, or coaches who are early in their prime, and will do the same alongside his former UCLA assistant.

“I had a lot of experience with the players who got their first (main coaching) opportunity,” Kumar said. “Some of the things I look at, my strengths, kind of help supplement the coach, who will be locked up on players, training, recruiting, a few other things. The experience I bring could be very useful for my first time coach of the year.”