Bill Self discusses the impact of the NIL on employment, and college basketball

It’s been nearly a year since the NCAA adopted a temporary name, image and example policy that allowed college athletes to make money while they were enrolled in school.

Politics , As mentioned by the NCAA website, revolves around a set of four “Instructions”. The first states that “individuals may engage in activities inconsistent with the law of the state in which the school is located. Colleges and universities may be a source of questions of state law.” Guideline Two states that “College athletes who attend school in a state without an NIL may engage in this type of activity without violating the NCAA rules of name, image, and likeness.” Guidelines three and four state that “individuals may use a professional service provider for NIL activities,” and “student-athletes must report NIL activities compliant with state law or school and convention requirements for their school.”

Now that the rules have been in place for 11 months, coaches in every sport have seen how the rules have affected players, including the Kuwait University basketball coach. bell self. During a special edition of Hawk Talk, Voice of the Jayhawks Artistic Director Brian Hanni spoke about his experience with the name, image, and example.

“Although there can be standards or guardrails to try to keep you in the middle, it’s still basically ‘what can you do for me? And “How much can I get?” You can say well if you stay inside the protective barriers, it’s perfectly fine to do it that way. If you get out of it, it’s no good,” said my self. “It still comes down to how interested your reinforcers are, and what they are willing to do. What companies are willing to do in order to put your children in a position to be competitive against other children who are being recruited by similar schools elsewhere.”

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“So the history is great and I’m glad we have history, and history is not going to sign anyone. I hate to say it. Winning is great. And still winning signs people but doing it differently. Winning creates momentum to be better in those other areas that are more important to what he’s looking at. about children and families. But also, “We won the league last year.” We will, [recruits could respond with] This school says I can achieve a lot in NIL and your school didn’t even tell me what I could do. I’ll go with something [I] I think they can get it. Therefore, winning is still selling, and is still the most important thing to sell. But these kids are definitely within their rights and rules [to inquire about NIL], which is good. Or you have the opportunity to do some things outside of the way we’ve been doing for a long time.”

Coaches are not allowed to discuss the details of the NIL deal with players. However, they can lay out the different ways in which the player can make money through the NIL. Just External organizations are allowed to work with players specific agreements and deals. For KU basketball, one of the big outdoor organizations is Sixth Man Strategies, which is headquartered in Wichita.

Sixth Man Strategies helped organize the KU tour of barnstorming after the national title match. She also helped players set up individual zero deals.

Recently, a few KU players also announced that they had hired new companies to help with NIL deals. Five star student Grady Dick She signed with WME Sports for NIL and media representation. McDonald’s First American Center Ernst Ode Jr. It was announced that he had signed with Octagon Basketball to represent NIL. And the Bobby Pettiford He confirmed that he signed with Anthony Raya to represent the Nile.

Although KU has had both recent and sustained success on the ground and bringing players to the NBA, in Self Experience, NIL is a topic of conversation that many potential players want to talk about.

“It’s the number one question that gets asked but you can’t talk about it,” Self said. “You can talk and tell them what you’re doing. But you can’t be specific, and that’s how it should be. … It’s just a different world and we’re not at all in control of it right now.”