Breonna’s Garden continues across the country with Homecoming

Web3 Leader Lady PheĂžnix Collaborates With A Family Briona Taylor To bring honor to Project XR Briona Taylor to me Louisville, Kentucky for her birthday

LouisvilleKentucky. And the June 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – Last year’s solidarity with Briona Taylor The Evolved Family, Artist, and Curator Lady Phoenix Briona Garden, a revolutionary framework for reverence through Augmented Reality (AR). What started as one powerful concept has blossomed like the garden itself, providing opportunities to honor and heal entire communities using the technique of exponential inclusion.

The development of the project began after Ms. Phoenix learned that Junia Palmer (Briona’s younger sister) had been receiving death threats while she was publicly grieving the death of her sister on Instagram. After speaking with Jounieh, it was clear that not only did she need a safe place to process her grief; But so did the entire Internet community that supported Breonna. The Garden has not only evolved from a therapeutic tool for Jounieh and her family into a healing tool for the nation, it has grown exponentially to include augmented reality, virtual reality and physical media, touching the hearts of communities across the country.

Now, after the successes of the Tribeca Film Festival, the Perez Museum of Art in Miami, and the Augmented World Exhibition where Briona Garden won Best Community Impact, as a PGA finalist, and a nominee for both Aria Top 50 Award in Immersive Entertainment and Unity Award for Best Social Impact, and most recently SXSW, the haven where her name can be said without denial comes to Breonna’s hometown of Louisville.

Not only does this kind of Homecoming mean that Breonna community members will be able to experience the AR Garden, the latest VR content and volumetric content that transports audiences to a very special place where they surround the heart and mind of their beloved Breonna, it also represents the next evolution of the revered space. WEGIVE.FLOWERS is the next iteration of Breonna’s Garden’s virtual reality experience, made possible through a partnership with Roots 101 African American Museum.

By partnering with the Roots 101 African American Museum, this experience is able to reach a new audience and properly engage with cultural history. Providing space for community members to come for a whole month and join the park, but also making the weekend that was Briona’s 29th birthday an incredibly special time for compassion and community.

Held on Breonna’s birthday, The WEGIVE.FLOWERS Breewayy Brunch and Day Party is a unique opportunity for collective memory, as it sits at the intersection of celebration and grief. Rather than emphasizing mourning, the all-day event brings optimism, allowing us to look forward to the great work, online community support spaces, and technological advances that have allowed us to achieve. With food, drinks, floral arrangements, photo opportunities, music and Briona Taylor The presence of family and loved ones, it becomes a space for unpardonable joy and weakness.

Now, more than ever, collective reconciliation appears to be of paramount importance in the evolution of the human story. Breonna’s Garden is an artistic model of transformative justice. The Garden seeks to align Breonna with her goal rather than her pain. The event continues this mission, reminding everyone who was affected by the experience that there is hope to move forward and an opportunity to fill our world with more real vulnerability.

Legendary Australian artist Sutu led the project as Artistic and Artistic Director Volumetric Capture Provided by Metastage and Microsoft, Audio by Ecco VR, Brenda Chen Supported as technical artist, sound design provided by composer Jake SteelCharacter design, Candy Coach, Rigging and Animation by JC Leon, Content management by XR Safety Initiative, with additional support provided by Unity. Breonna’s Garden invites those who want to try out the original AR version before the event to download the app over here. Now is the perfect time to say her name, louder.

Breonna’s Garden XR
4 June 2022 | 4 PM – 9 PM
Exhibition dates
4 June 20223 July 2022
Roots 101 African American Museum
124 First Street, Louisville, Kentucky 40202

WEGIVE.FLOWERS Breewayy Brunch Garden Party
5 June 2022
12 pm – 4 pm
1205 E. Washington Street Louisville, Kentucky 40206

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