Navigation exercises for Filipinos on TikTok rated as ‘Dangerous Content’

Screenshots of Jacque Manabat on her TikTok video that was deleted from the app (Twitter / Jacque Manabat) A TikTok video about the country’s public transportation problems has been flagged as “serious” on the video-sharing service. ABS-CBN Reporter Jack Manabatwho posted the video, informed her Twitter followers on June 8 about the deletion. Manabat has … Read more

Does walking build muscle? | live sciences

Whether you’re a regular gym goer with muscle building constantly on your mind, or a fitness tracker with your eyes set firmly on 10,000 a day, you’ll definitely be thinking, does walking build muscle? After all, it’s our most regular form of exercise, and for some people who may have trouble lifting weights or engaging … Read more

Should you eat before or after exercise? Experts weigh

It can be difficult to decide whether to eat before or after a workout. On the other hand, it makes sense to fuel up until you have enough energy to exercise. On the other hand, it makes sense to wait until you don’t scramble on a full stomach. And so you stand there, juice in … Read more

sleep problems? Best exercises for better sleep

The forward bend is a great way to release stress and promote good sleep A good night’s sleep has a huge impact on your daily life and longevity. Our sleep affects our mood, productivity, cognitive and physical functions. A prolonged lack of sleep can negatively affect your health, work life and personal life. Our lifestyle … Read more

Why Garmin’s Strength Training Mode Needs Improvement – Or Canceled

The Best Garmin Watches They are great specialized tools. They’re great for anyone who is active, especially endurance athletes. They’re great for swimmers, cyclists, runners and athletes, giving you highly accurate metrics designed to help improve your performance on every level. They also really shine on hikes and trails, where GPS tools like altitude warnings … Read more

4 best treadmill stretches

If you join Start your 30 day walking challenge today I have logged nearly two weeks of daily walking. With your focus on making walking a daily habit, you may not be interested in stretching. But Joe Holder, Nike head coach and performance coach, says it’s an important component of any walking routine. Stretching provides … Read more

Eat and exercise well to prevent sarcopenia

“Sarcopenia—a complicated name for something we already know about,” says registered dietitian Norine Roche. While it is normal to lose some muscle mass due to aging, sarcopenia is characterized by a severe decrease in muscle mass and mass, which greatly affects the quality of life. Before you decide that this does not apply to you, … Read more