The asteroid Ryugu contains material older than the planets, and it is among the most primitive materials studied on Earth

Asteroid Ryugu contains some of the most primitive material studied in a laboratory on Earth, dating back only 5 million years after the formation of the solar system, according to analysis of samples retrieved by Japan’s Hayabusa 2 mission. Because they are so old, they are made of the same material that formed the planets. … Read more

Feeding a Hotter Planet – The New York Times

The world is facing a frightening hunger crisis. Climate change is making it worse. To be clear, hunger is the problem of abundance, not scarcity, in the modern age. We produce more food than we eat. However, millions of people suffer from hunger, because they cannot afford it. It’s hideous. Pandemics, wars and climate change … Read more

How Doug Chiang’s Team Designed the ‘Mandalorian’ Universe – Find Out How a Slave Actually Works – Boba Fett News

Art and design have been instrumental in the success of Star Wars since the original paintings by Ralph McCurry convinced studio heads at 20th Century Fox to give George Lucas’ ambitious space opera the green light. Doug Chiang, production designer for “The Mandalorian” and “The Book of Boba Fett,” as well as Lucasfilm Vice President … Read more

Top 10 Twitter Reactions for the 1st Promo

At long last, the first official promo for black Adam It has arrived, for a better look at the much-anticipated next installment of the DC Extended Universe. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson stars as he deals with the forces of good and evil alike. The trailer is full of exciting moments and captivating revelations, paving the … Read more

Plot holes in the Star Trek universe

As all science fiction lovers know, Star Trek It is one of the oldest science fiction series still running. It began in 1966 and has presented several live-action and animated series, often with various Enterprise crews, along with numerous books, games, and comic books. Related: Contrasts in Pok√©mon Lore With such a fandom base, it … Read more

Science teacher explains: The Big Bang Theory

For centuries, philosophers and scientists have devoted their time thinking about space to find answers to one of the most important questions of human existence – how did the universe develop and exist, and what could its future be? Our understanding of the universe has evolved dramatically over time, but each idea has raised new … Read more