Ryzen 7000 could finally threaten Intel’s mobile dominance

Ryzen 7000 Later this year, we expect an intense desktop race between him and the upcoming Intel CPU Lake Raptor. But based on what we’ve seen so far, we don’t expect either company to do so Achieve a complete victory with these new CPUs. However, it might be a completely different story for The best … Read more

iPad as a counterpart to PC: are we there yet?

apple in last columnI wrote about how the iPhone and iPod touch, two products that soon began to twin, separated, with the first pace of improvement moving away from the second. But the evolution of the iPhone also contrasts dramatically with the evolution of another relationship: the iPad. In the introduction to this device, Steve … Read more

How will the impact of the Metaverse affect sustainability?

The metaverse It remains mostly an idea, not an applied reality. Until now discussion he is already underway on whether the metaverse will help or hinder environmental sustainability initiatives. The answer to this question depends on how exactly developers choose to run the metaverse platforms and how people use them. As a result, the metaverse … Read more

AMD’s Ryzen roadmap shows how it plans to beat Intel

AMD showed off its Ryzen roadmap on desktop and mobile during Financial Analyst Day Thursday, to show how it plans to beat Intel for the Best therapist. The roadmap reveals many key details about Upcoming Ryzen 7000 processors, as well as future CPUs for laptops and desktops. Although AMD has not provided solid performance numbers, … Read more

Vivaldi now offers a very cool built-in mail client

Vivaldi It is a web browser. Vivaldi is also a calendar. It is also an RSS feed reader. And now, it’s also an email client. That’s right, the developers of the Vivaldi web browser have integrated a full email client, so you don’t have to deal with web-based clients or work with another application window … Read more


Getty Images / istockphoto I recently wrote an introductory article on ONLYOFFICE, where I described how nice the platform can be Internal replacement for Google Workspaces. The only thing ONLYOFFICE posting is missing is a pre-configured email account. Fortunately, the developers have made it fairly simple to add an email account to ONLYOFFICE so that … Read more

Remote work: why big cities are losing their appeal for developers

Photo: Mersa Images/Digital Vision/Getty Images Could America’s tech centers undergo “great decentralization”? According to an analysis of traffic patterns from 100 million users of the Q&A developer site Stack Overflow, this is happening. As remote and hybrid work is now a more realistic option for people than ever before, it may appear that tech workers … Read more

Prime Day 2022: What we know about Amazon selling

Prime Day is basically Amazon’s version of Black Friday. ZDNet He detailed every step of Amazon For years, including its staggering growth and negative impact on retail as a whole. Gloom and bleak aside, one of the most fun aspects of the company is the annual fire sale event. Billed as Amazon’s “holiday of savings,” … Read more

Is RAM speed important? | digital trends

RAM is one of the basic components of a computer, and it is important for that You have at least a certain amount of RAM Depending on what you want to do with your computer. However, there’s more to RAM than just capacity: frequency and response time are also important considerations. The question of whether … Read more

MSI’s New 240Hz OLED Gaming Laptop Beats Razer at $1,000

MSI just beat Razer by launching its first gaming laptop with a 240Hz OLED screen. Although Razer announces the Razer Blade 15 and its stunning screen first, MSI is the first to start selling a 240Hz laptop. MSI’s Raider GE67 HX isn’t just the first to hit the market—it’s also up to $1,000 cheaper than … Read more