Celtics-Heat game score, fast food: Pam Adebayo leads Miami to win in Game 3 despite Jimmy Butler loss

The Miami Heat took a 26-point lead over the Boston Celtics in Game 3 Saturday night only to maintain their 109-103 win at TD Garden after an angry home crowd mobbed during the second half after Jimmy Butler. He was disqualified from the match due to knee inflammation. In the end, Butler’s absence over the last two quarters wasn’t enough for Boston to return as Pam Adebayo finished off the win with 31 points with 10 rebounds, six assists and four possessions.

On the other end of the spectrum, Jaylen Brown was great for Boston to finish the game with 40 points and nine rebounds. While Al Horford and Marcus Smart combined 36 points, 18 rebounds and 10 assists, the Celtics couldn’t get past a poor shooting night from Jayson Tatum as the All-Star team struggled hard off the field to finish 3 for 14 on the night. .

With this victory, Miami advanced 2-1 over Boston with the start of the fourth game on Monday evening.

Here are the four main points of the game:

1. Injuries take center stage again

Unfortunately it was impossible to talk about this postseason, and this series in particular, without discussing injuries. Marcus Smart, Al Horford, Derek White and Robert Williams have it all Missed a game in this series for the CelticsWhile Kyle Lowry did not play in the Heat’s first two games.

The problem got worse on Saturday, as Smart, Jayson Tatum and Jimmy Butler made their way into the locker room at various points. Most notably, Butler did not play in the second half due to a sore knee. However, he should be fine moving forward. Heat coach Eric Spoelstra said he won’t need an MRI, and at USA Today, Butler won’t miss any more time.

Smart and Tatum have already returned to the match, despite the fact that their injuries seemed more serious. Early in the second quarter, Smart suffered a nasty ankle sprain that got worse when Lowry inadvertently rolled onto his leg. Later, Tatum was stung during a stampede for a loose ball, and he lay on the ground for a few minutes in excruciating pain. After the match, Celtics coach Aimee Odoka said Smart and Tatum should be fine going forward.

2. Adebyo . appears

Pam Adebayo made his third consecutive All-Defensive appearance this season, and he could have been the All-Star and perhaps even the best defensive player of the year if he hadn’t missed a long time with a thumb injury. But in the first two games of the series, he was largely invisible, finishing a total of 16 points, 13 rebounds and three assists.

All that changed in the third game. Adebayo came as a man on a mission. He would claim the ball early and often, hitting a group of mid-range jumpers and shooting around the edge. He nearly matched his total from his first two games in the first quarter of this game, as he had 12 points to help the Heat build a double-digit early lead.

Late in the game, with Butler out of the commission, he went up again. He scored eight points in the fourth quarter to thwart the Celtics’ comeback bid, including a stunning lopsided jump to beat the shot clock with 1:23 remaining. That shot drove Hit’s lead back to a six, and he ended up becoming a dagger.

By the last bell, Adebayo had 31 points, 10 rebounds, 6 assists and four assists in his best performance of the entire post-season. The Heat would need to play Adebayo like this if they were to finish the job against the Celtics – especially if Butler wasn’t 100 percent.

3. Lori has an influence on his comeback

Kyle Lowry has not played since Game 4 of the Heat’s second round with the Philadelphia 76ers due to a hamstring injury, and there has been no clear timeline for when he will return. It turns out he was ready for match three, and his comeback came just in time for the Heat match.

While Lowry is still far from his heyday, he remains a vital part of the Heat team. This was a typical Lowry performance, as his stats weren’t impressive—11 points, one rebound, six assists, four steals in a 4 of 11—but he finished in a plus-10. They made timely plays and controlled the heat.

An example of this is his theft with 48 seconds remaining. While the rest of the Heat slumped after a free throw, Lowry flew in to steal a lazy inside pass from Grant Williams, then found Max Strauss on a layup that ended any hope the Celtics still had.

The heat is best when the Lowry is on the ground.

4. Celtics can only blame themselves

The Heat was a great start to this game, and deserves a lot of praise for the way it started and then managed to hold out without Jimmy Butler. However, the Celtics could have won this match, and perhaps they should have. They fired another 16 free throws, Butler didn’t play in the second half and the difference came down to one, but they couldn’t get it done and they only have to blame themselves.

Again, the biggest issues were transitions and careless gameplay. They were neither focused nor ready to match the Heat’s intensity to start the game, which should not have happened at home in the Eastern Conference Finals. And while they eventually got back into the game, they never settled down.

They’ve made a whopping 23 spins, including 13 from Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown – the most that these two have ever had in a game together. The Heat benefited greatly, scoring 33 points – more than 30 percent of their attack total – and stopping those turnovers. In a game they lost by just six points, he gifted the Celtics 33 points to the Heat.

In addition to the turnovers, the Celtics got another shortfall from Tatum, who finished the game with just 10 points to equal their lowest goal of the post-season. He shot 3 of 14 from the field and had twice as many basket turns. This does not take into account the injury to his shoulder. Tatum has been amazing at times in the playoffs, but he’s prone to these nightmarish games that the Celtics just can’t stand. If he performs decently halfway, they win this match.