Crosscope and Farcast Biosciences join forces to reshape the delicate tumor landscape via AI-powered pathology.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have shown promising results in many areas in healthcare. The application of Crosscope’s proprietary technology and algorithm holds great promise in tackling the global cancer burden. There is a significant supply gap in the number of trained pathologists required in the way the world works. By increasing the capacity of pathologists, Crosscope and Farcast aim to significantly speed up diagnosis, reduce response times (TAT) and reduce the rate of misdiagnosis by leveraging the digitization of pathology. Digital pathology uses predefined algorithms to generate consistent and faster histopathological analysis which has made significant advances in the quantification and identification of various markers capable of predicting disease progression, patient prognosis, and response to treatment. The combination of digital pathology with other emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, shows strong promise for identifying predictive biomarkers for many types of cancer.

The main objective of this collaboration is to evaluate the ability of Crosscope’s cutting-edge deep learning technology to detect and identify major oncological features from digital H&E slides and to study their correlation and accuracy when compared to the assessment of trained pathologists. This will also demonstrate the performance of Crosscope’s adaptive algorithms for independent test sets, images, and diverse slide tissue content making it a flexible, general-purpose, and adaptable method in both clinical and research settings.

“Croscope’s deep learning-based OrionAI™ is dedicated to accurately detecting and evaluating clinically relevant findings in digital slides from cancer biopsies. This collaboration will improve the power of digital transformation in accelerating drug discovery and driving new breakthroughs that aid in better cancer prognosis. We are excited about the work. With Mohit and his team at Farcast Biosciences to bring advanced tools for accurate diagnosisAndshelp dr. Jaendra ShindeCEO of Crosscope.

Farcast Biosciences CSO, Satish Sankaran, Ph.D. She saidAnd “Farcast TiME (Tumor Immunological Microenvironment) is a proven human tumor microenvironment platform that maintains all elements of the human tumor microenvironment for up to 72 hours. Digital transformation and AI-based tissue pathology assessment will go a long way in improving speed, efficiency And the strength of our workflow in pathology.

Mohit MalhotraCEO of Farcast Biosciences, addedAnd “Histopathology is a pillar of our multidimensional screening system. In our work with leading global biotechnology companies, this collaboration can help generate deeper insights for our clients, leading to informed choices about pipeline candidates.”

About Farcast Biosciences –

Farcast Biosciences’ unique, proprietary technology uses new samples of human tumors transplanted into a proven system that recreates TiME (tumor immune microenvironment) ex vivo. The culture system maintains morphology and viability while preserving the original tumor architecture and immune components to enable assessment of tumor response to drug therapy. Farcast works with IRB-accredited cancer centers to access new tumor samples from informed donors after obtaining their consent. Farcast TiME can assess therapeutic response across many drug classes including bispecific antibodies, monoclonal antibodies, small molecules and oncolytic viruses in a relatively short period of time. Farcast offers a wide range of kinetic and endpoint tests for the multidimensional analysis of mechanical action and the effect of therapeutic agents on the tumor microenvironment in a cost-effective manner.

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About Crosscope Inc.

Croscope. Computational Microscope is a medical artificial intelligence software company on a mission to fundamentally transform patient care by unleashing the power of artificial intelligence. The company’s Crosscope Dx is a digital pathology platform to facilitate the deployment of scalable AI and computational pathology tools to empower pathology labs with accurate diagnosis. Crosscope’s team of engineers, data scientists, and pathologists are developing a unique platform and AI approach to deliver efficient pathology workflows to increase diagnostic accuracy and productivity.

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