Doug Hensley How Reverend Amarillo’s thesis became a book on nationalism

It can sometimes be a strange path that leads to becoming a published author. Just ask David Ritchie, chief pastor at Savior Christian Church in Amarillo.

Earlier this year, his book Why Nations Angry? “The Satanic Origin of Nationalism,” making a fascinating journey from master’s thesis research into a thoughtful 150-page look at nationalism from a biblical and theological perspective.


The project benefited from excellent timing. Ritchie finished his research with the outbreak of the pandemic in 2020 and then delivered the initial draft of his thesis on the morning of January 6, 2021 to a professor in Washington, DC. After what happened later that day, the professor told him. Turning it into a book would be a good idea.

“My teacher said it was an appropriate and needed perspective now,” Ritchie recalls. “There has been a lot of material on nationalism, but not so much from a pastor’s perspective asking how to theologically locate this force in our world. I am grateful for the opportunity. It surprised me that he came out of one of the toughest times of ministry I have ever known — pandemic turmoil. “.