Flyers coach nominees: Peter Debord

During May and possibly even June, we will be looking at potential candidates for the position of Head of Training at Flyers.

“We’re going to sit down and try to build that perfect candidate profile and really keep all the options open, and maybe look at it from a slightly broader perspective,” Publications’ general manager, Chuck Fletcher, said on May 3. “Obviously we have to sit down and really research in terms of what we’re looking for. I’m sure there will be a lot of good candidates to talk to.”

We have looked at Barry TrotzAnd Rick TouchetAnd Paul MorrisAnd Jim Montgomery And John Tortorella. Next in our series is Peter DeBoer, who was released by the Golden Knights this week.

Why DeBoer would be a good fit

What makes DeBoer particularly interesting for the Flyers job is his track record of great success in the first year.

Pilots face pressure to improve quickly. DeBoer is the guy who can say he’s been there, and done it.

The 54-year-old has made four NHL training stops in his career. He went to the 2012 Stanley Cup Final in his first season with the Devils and the 2016 Cup Final in his first year with the Sharks.

His first NHL lead was the Panthers in 2008-09 and Florida finished with a 93-point season on 30-11-41.

In his last job, DeBoer took charge of the Golden Knights in January of the 2019-20 season. Vegas went 15-5-2 under his lead, then reached the Western Conference final in Edmonton, Alberta.

Talk about hitting the ground running.

Overall, DeBoer was pretty good in the playoffs apart from winning that elusive final series. He’s 68-55 in the post-season with seven playoff berths and 13 winning streaks. The streak of 13 wins is just shy of Trotz and three more than Tortorella.

The DeBoer system relies on clean and orderly exits from the defensive zone with attack orchestrated by deceivers.

Those are the aspects that Fletcher played on in his end-of-season press conference.

Obviously injuries were an important part of things, but I think it’s a little deeper than that,” Fletcher said of the 25-46-11 season. We’ve really suffered this year. We were defending the whole time and that’s something we have to look at. We didn’t get out of Zone D very well. So there are definitely things that we have to look at in terms of our structure and our details. We didn’t have enough tweaks and when you scramble all the time, bad things happen.

“I’m going back to the process and hopefully by training and looking at a few different ways we can try to get a little tweak more often and not spend a lot of time in the D-zone, which makes the game a little easier.”

Why DeBoer wouldn’t fit

DeBoer has never taken on a position as dire as the current Flyers position. Some of DeBoer’s previous clubs needed improvement as they were getting close to the next step.

While the Flyers have better chops and health that should help their chances, they still face a steep rise after finishing in the bottom four of the 32-team NHL standings this season.

Is DeBoer the perfect candidate for a major transformation? hard to say.

One of the myriad issues this season has been their worst NHL play (12.6 percent). Over the course of parts of DeBoer’s three seasons in Vegas, the Golden Knights’ hardcore game was ranked 21st in the league with 18.6 percent. The 2011-12 Devils, his best team, had a good strength of 17.2 percent.

He had a better rating in San Jose for his man advantage, but there may be valid concerns about his ability to fix Flyers’ blatant flaw.

It’s also fair to wonder how DeBoer will handle the stress-ridden city of Philadelphia. Vegas had high expectations and San Jose won well, but training in the Flyers Market could be his biggest challenge.

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