Gaudreau says he’d like to stay with the Flames, and win the Stanley Cup in Calgary

Johnny Goudro He said he would like to stay with the Calgary fires.

General Manager Brad Treleving said Calgary is focused on approving that request.

“We want him to be the flame of Calgary,” Treleving said on Saturday. “He’s been one his whole career. I think he got a chance to be one of the greatest players ever in franchise history, and there have been some great players.”

The striker can become an unrestricted free agent on July 13 after completing the final season of a six-year contract worth $40.5 million ($6.75 million average annual value). The Flames were eliminated from the Stanley Cup playoffs on Thursday when they lost Game 5 of Round Two of the Western Conference Best of 7 to the Edmonton Oilers 5-4 in overtime

Gaudreau said he wants to win the Stanley Cup with The Flames but will meet with his agent in a week to help decide his next step.

“I’ve been here for 11 years and haven’t reached that end goal,” Goudreau said. “It’s been a long time since they won here (1989). So I think it would be very special, to win a cup here. It’s something I’ve kind of been dreaming about all my life, and Calgary is a great place to do he-she.”

The 28-year-old has racked up a career high in the National Hockey League with 115 points (40 goals, 75 assists) this season, tied with the Florida Panthers striker. Jonathan Huberdeau (30 goals, 85 assists) for second place in the league. Oilers only forward Conor MacDavid He has the most (123 points; 44 goals, 79 assists).

“Whether I’m here for next year or not, who knows what will happen?” Goudreau said. “But when my time here is over, I hope people will remember me as a good person off the ice. … I just want people to know how grateful I am for welcoming me here. I hope a few more years go by here and they can stumble upon me.”

“My next door neighbors, I’m sure they’ve been shoveling snow all year just to get me back. You go to Starbucks, you go out to eat, and everyone is welcome and they really want me to come back here. And that’s cool. That’s what you want to hear. That’s what you want people to think.” about you, and that they want you on their team. It’s a little frustrating at times but great to hear. I love it.”

Video: EDM @CGY, Gm5: Gaudreau responds quickly to hook it

Gaudreau has played 602 NHL games since being selected by Calgary in the fourth round (#104) in the 2011 NHL Draft. 609 points (210 goals, 399 assists) ranks fifth in Flames history behind Jarome Iginla (1095), Theo Florey ( 830), Al McInnes (822) and Joe Neuvendyk (616).

“In my conversations with him, trying to make him understand what legacy he could leave in Calgary if he stayed,” Forward Blake Coleman He said. “You could probably already put his shirt in the rafters. Eight more years of Johnny, he’ll hold on forever.”

Gaudreau played the first left wing line with the center Elias Lindholm And the right wing Matthew Tkachuk, who each have also earned the highest level in the NHL in points this season. Tkachuk finished second in the Flames with 104 points (42 goals and 62 assists). Lindholm finished third with 82 points (42 goals and 40 assists).

“It would be great to have him back,” Lindolm said of Goudreau. “It was an unreal year. I was fortunate to play with him and we had so much fun, but you never know. I would like to get him back. He is our best player, and if we lose our best player, it is difficult.”

Tkachuk can become a restricted free agent after the expiration of a three-year, $21 million (US$7 million) contract.

Like Gaudreau, Tkachuk has only played for the Flames in the NHL since he was selected in the first round (#6) of the 2016 NHL Draft. Also like Gaudreau, the 24-year-old said he would be open to signing a long-term contract to stay.

“Sure. I loved it here,” said Tkachuk, who played his sixth season in the National Hockey League. “I grew up here. … It’s great. It’s not great to go places and have people come in and talk about the sport, talk about what it means to them and everything. But how happy the team are they feel and how great their life is here.”

Gaudreau led Calgary with 14 points (three goals, 11 assists) in 12 games during the Stanley Cup playoffs. He had five assists in his first two games against the Oilers in the second round but held one goal in the last three.

“I didn’t sit in the locker room and keep my shirt on or stare at the stands,” Goudreau said. “That’s something I haven’t really thought about…I have a big decision. We’ll see what happens in the next few weeks, but I love it here.”

“I love the fans. I love the city. But I’ve never had that moment where I was like, ‘This is it for me.'”