George McCasky did something really cool for the Bears trainer

George McCasky is feeling so sad Chicago Bears Fans of his handling of the franchise since taking charge in 2011. It’s hard not to understand why. Two winning seasons in a decade will do just that. One thing people would never say about the team boss is that he lacks heart. The man has proven time and time again that he is willing to help people inside and outside the organization. It is very elegant.

Another example of this giving mentality was demonstrated during a new special event called the NFL Coach and Front Office Accelerator Program. One of the glaring issues facing the NFL is the struggle of minority executives and coaches to find general manager and head coach jobs in the league. Representatives from each team were sent to attend, who had ample opportunity to meet and talk with the owners of the other teams. Send the bears the assistant of General Motors Ian Cunningham Defensive Coordinator Alan Williams. according to Larry Meyer From, McCaskey played a pivotal role in helping introduce them to many people.

Williams paid tribute to George H. McAskie for introducing he and Cunningham to NFL owners, saying the Bears boss went “too far”. Williams particularly enjoyed speaking to Stephen Jones, CEO of Cowboys, son of Dallas owner Jerry Jones, and Patriots president Jonathan Kraft, son of New England owner Robert Kraft…

“We all recognize that there is a huge disparity with minority coaches, with minority coaches being employed in the front offices, and women and men, in those leadership positions,” Williams said. “What they are trying to do is take steps to solve this problem, not just raise awareness of it. I think people realize that; we are working on problems.”

One thing about the McCasky family is that they are not afraid of hiring minorities.

Luffy Smith was brought into his position as head coach in 2004. He was the seventh black coach in the history of professional football. He enjoyed a successful eight-year run that included a Super Bowl berth and three division titles. This past January, they appointed former Personnel Manager Ryan Bowles as their new general manager. So no one can say that the family has any racial bias in the hiring process.

McCasky himself has been an outspoken advocate for helping ease tensions after the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minnesota police officers a few years ago. So it stands to reason that he would have no problem helping those like Cunningham and Williams connect with the top officials in the league to improve their career prospects.

George McAskie has his flaws, but being kind is not one of them.

Many owners in the league wouldn’t be willing to do what he did. Many believe that Cunningham is one of the rising stars of the executive community. He showed up through the Boy Scouts division of the Baltimore Ravens before helping the Philadelphia Eagles win the Super Bowl in 2017. Now he finally has a chance to work with his friend Bulls in Chicago, and they’re excited about the work done so far.

As for Williams, he has been a fixture in the NFL for the past two decades. As a defensive coach, he helped the Indianapolis Colts win the Super Bowl in 2006. His previous experience as a defensive coordinator met with mixed results in Minnesota in 2012 and 2013. This is his second chance. He is without a doubt hoping for a much better experience. At 52 years old, this might be his last chance to pursue a head coaching job. If the program helps anyone, it is it.

Having a conscientious owner doesn’t hurt either.

George McAskie Help him give him every opportunity to sell himself to other organizations. If he makes a positive impression on any of them, these numbers will help out in the near future when some of them end up looking for new head coaches.

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