Global Series: Bad Weather Gives Warriors Slight Reprieve | Sports

The storm pulled Lewis Clark out of the congestion.

Nearby lightning and heavy rain forced the postponement of the title-winning match between Southeast (Florida) and LCSC on Thursday at the Avista NAIA World Championships.

The wild weather stopped play after the top-ranked shot carried the bases with nothing at the bottom of the seventh inning.

So, the LCSC’s show crew will be in a tight spot when the match resumes at 8:15 a.m. today.

The Warriors, who trail 6-5, must limit damage in the seventh if they have any plans to seize the 20th National Championship. So who will they call?

The LCSC might stick to Dawson Day, a left-handed senior who went into a rest on the seventh and threw six pitches before the judges spotted lightning strikes in the distance.

An additional 12-hour break will be useful for a day. He threw 139 throws and hit 14 hitters to allow one hit across 6 runs on Monday in a 7-1 win over Faulkner (Ala), then pulled off a save in the first meeting of the day between LCSC and SEU after fueling Fire’s final blow to maintain a 10-9 victory warrior.

It’s pure guesswork at this point, but maybe the LCSC goes with assistant Trent Sellers (14-0). The small right hand level reaches 226 tones in the string. It might not matter that he threw 114 in Wednesday’s semi-final win against LSU Shreveport — that’s the tournament, after all, and the Warriors’ current situation demands a reliable arm. Prominent starter Drake Burshua, a true loyalist, who ceded five runs in Tuesday’s 9-5 Warriors loss to SEU, was also preparing in the LCSC game while tilting the title.

Few opposing shooters managed to contain Fire’s strong lineup, which produced 11 results in Game 2 before the dark clouds moved on.

The LCSC relied on its explosive attack to make a lead in the first leg of the championship round, and four of its Warrior reducers did enough to seal the win. With its reliable starts recovering from heavy workloads, LCSC managed to outpace loyal Joe Paul in Game 1.

Ball, in his second start to the season, made three runs and allowed three — a solid outing, given the circumstances. On the other hand, SEU left-back Robb Adams (14-2), who was unable to break out of the fourth inning, began absorbing his second loss of the year.

Promotions have been largely overshadowed so far in the two games by making highlights, but the two teams have received respectable efforts on the hill so far in the championship game.

SEU Champion Drew Gillespie (10-0) earned a goalless LCSC for four rounds. The Warriors finished their day on day five, spinning two rounds on three straight hits and walking before Fire went to their position and picked Alex Munroe – their best savior. Monroe allowed three runs, all charged to Gillespie, on two hits, but it caused a double play and a hitter to stop the bleeding. Monroe hit the LCSC in the sixth and seventh innings.

A staple of the Warrior Bullpen, Bryson Spagnuolo made his fourth start of the season in the title game and did as well as the ball did, going in 2⅔ innings and allowing four runs over six strokes. Veteran curator Greg Blackman took charge and gave LCSC 3⅓ strong roles before being taken up by SEU.

Blackman hit five against four hits and two hits, allowing two runs on 76 throws. Statistically, the fourth-year Warrior of La Grande, Ore, had a touchdown season but made a perfect 2⅓ innings to save on Wednesday against LSU Shreveport. He starred in three games in last year’s series, writing off 10 and surrendering twice in five strokes and three walks in eight innings.