How Lightning Node Mobile Works

This is an editorial by Anthony Feliciano, Bitcoin Event Organizer and Contributor to Bitcoin Magazine.

This article is a follow up to A previous article I wrote, talking about different types of lightning nodes. I will expand on RaspiBlitz Lightning Network Node. I won’t go into many other options and features of what RaspiBlitz has to offer, but this is a unique development.

This project started four years ago when I was sitting in my apartment, in the middle of the day, and suddenly the power went out. The first thing on the average person’s mind is “Damn, the power went out – I wonder how long it would take and do I need to start looking in the fridge to be able to grill what might melt?”

not me! I immediately thought, “My contract is lightning!” Long story short, the power went out for only a few hours. But at the time it got me thinking, if something like this happens again, what should I do?