Jamie Carragher: Arsenal, led by Mikel Arteta, “has no chance” now in the Champions League and I fear for them. football news

Arsenal’s 2-0 defeat to Newcastle was a huge blow to their top-four hopes with Jamie Carragher now fearing Mikel Arteta.

Ben White’s own goal and Bruno Guimarães’ late goal mean Arsenal are still two points behind Spurs in the final game of the season, with Spurs only needing a draw to finish fourth given their superior goal difference.

Asked if their hopes of qualifying for the Champions League are over, Carragher said: “Yes. Tottenham do not lose from this position. Arsenal knows that. There is no one in world football who thinks Arsenal will make football in the Champions League. Europe is behind it. It’s no coincidence.”

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Carragher was highly critical of the performance at St James’ Park as Newcastle controlled the ball from the start and Arsenal struggled to rally plenty at the other end.

“I thought they were terrible. And I’ve been a huge supporter of Mikel Arteta and this Arsenal squad because since I started at Sky I’ve been tired of saying the same things about Arsenal. I’m sick of it myself. I’ve really enjoyed seeing young players who can be late.

“I think the fans can get behind that. They almost agreed that they wouldn’t be a challenge for titles but something was building. But that performance today was poor. That was the cup final today, and we know how important the Champions League is.”

“Being this poor in the first half and then producing that in the second half, that’s just unacceptable. It wasn’t the result, it was the way of the result, they were terrible from the first minute.”

The defeat put Arsenal in the Europa League and Carragher believes it will have far-reaching repercussions for Arsenal – and their coach.

“I think that’s a problem not only this season but I think it’s a huge problem for Mikel Arteta and the Arsenal team going forward,” Carragher added.

“European League next season, Thursday, Sunday. I think they had their chance this season – which is a huge opportunity – without European football. That was a huge advantage for them.

“They are not in the top four in the country but they have an advantage over other teams and they still haven’t paid the price. I’m afraid for Arsenal and Mikel Arteta next season.

“I think it’s going to be tough for him. I think this will be a game that will be looked back upon when he finally leaves the club. This is Arteta’s first job so he doesn’t really have that belief behind him.

“If Antonio Conte is having a bad time, you know he won the league at Chelsea, at Inter Milan. You have that feeling he’s done it before and he knows what he’s doing.

“Arteta has never done it before. It’s not a criticism, it’s just a fact. He needed it tonight. I’m really afraid for him next season, and if Arsenal are seventh or eighth at Christmas with them in the Europa League, that’s where he will put a lot of pressure on his job” .

Arsenal players look frustrated after defeat to Newcastle
Arsenal lost well to Newcastle in a poor performance by Mikel Arteta

Gary Neville agreed with much of what Carragher said.

“I gave them the benefit of the doubt half the time,” Neville said. Monday Night Football.

“This is a young team with no experience or personality. I didn’t quite trust them to get into the top four, to be honest with you all the way. But I thought they would come out in the second half and hit back. It tells us where they are.”

Cara expects Liverpool changes

Speaking of the Premier League title race, Carragher saw signs from Aston Villa – run by former Reds captain Steven Gerrard – that they could cause problems for Manchester City on the final day. Just like West Ham did in a 2-2 draw on Sunday.

“Aston Villa have the kind of players who can do the kind of training that Michael Antonio and Jarrod Bowen did,” Carragher said. Monday Night Football. “If you think about Danny Ings and Ole Watkins, the problems caused them to run backwards against Liverpool.”

However, Liverpool need to score against Southampton on Tuesday to take the title race to the final day and with key players struggling to get fit after the FA Cup Final win over Chelsea, Carragher expects Jurgen Klopp to keep an eye on Real Madrid.

Tuesday 17 May 7:00 pm

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“I don’t think Klopp is going to play with anyone with a risk of injury. I know Manchester City have lost points and that opens the door for Liverpool a little bit. I’d be surprised to see Mohamed Salah play, I’d be surprised to see Virgil van Dijk playing.

“I will support it. People may say what is more important than the Premier League or the Champions League? But Liverpool has a greater chance of winning the Champions League.

“I think if Liverpool played their best team in the Champions League final, the chance of winning that game would be 80 per cent, and I really believe in that.

“You have to remember that in the middle of the Champions League semi-final, Liverpool and Manchester City made big changes to their teams, Liverpool in Newcastle and Manchester City in Leeds, and that is how important the Champions League is to them.

“So it’s definitely not going to be a Liverpool squad at full strength.”

Kara advises Leeds to go down

At the other end of the Premier League table, one of Everton, Leeds and Burnley will join Watford and Norwich in the championship next season. Carragher believes Leeds are the most likely to face relegation – which supports Everton to stay firm.

“I think Everton would be fine, I think so. Listen, there would be a real panic if they didn’t get a good result against Crystal Palace but Everton need to remember where they were a couple of weeks ago before the Chelsea game when they were five points behind.

“So they’re still in really good shape.”

He is less confident Leeds can take the win they may need at Brentford to keep themselves out of the relegation zone.

“I’m afraid for Leeds. I think Burnley can get something out of the next two games, whether it’s Aston Villa or the last game against Newcastle.

“I just think Leeds will go down.”