John Waters on his new book Liarmouth, Stolen Skincare, and Why He Hates Hobbies

John Waters has made a career out of abusive people. The notorious director (and Town and Country cover starHe made his name make movies like pink flamingos And female problem Which earned him the nickname “garbage daddy”. Of course, there’s a whole world of fans out there who love to be humiliated, though it’s worth noting that some of his biggest hits (like hairspray or Cry dear) can seem practically mainstream by comparison.

This month, Waters – a famous book collector and author of two non-fiction works – published his first novel, larmouth (Subtitle: “A Feel-Bad Romance”) Which like many of Waters’ projects are a bit nondescript, a bit off bars, and often quite funny.

John Waters Town and Country Magazine October 2021

John Waters, photographed here for Town and CountryHe is the author of the new novel larmouthOutside now.

Douglas Friedman

Here, Waters speaks to Terms and Conditions About the novel and how to sign the scars and what he has not done yet.

What are the highlights of the book tour?

When people react well and buy the book. These are my enablers, readers. The audience on the tour is smaller than you might expect. They all know the movies because they were released on the set of Criterion. They all know pink flamingos. The shocking thing is that most of their parents made them watch pink flamingos. I haven’t seen it with my dad. I never encouraged them to see it. What parent would be happy that their child made pink flamingos? The reason for her success was the parents no You want to see it.

What is the importance of your fans?

Word of mouth is the only real thing that sells. I really think you should be in touch with your fans. I haven’t signed fundal surgery yet, especially not female-to-male, but I’ve signed vasectomy scars a lot. At least five times in the years leading up to the epidemic. I feel proud – some of them got tattoos.

John Waters Town and Country Magazine October 2021

In addition to being a novelist, Waters is also a memoirist, and of course director of films including hairspray And pink flamingos.

Douglas Friedman

Do you expect a vasectomy scar using a sharpie?

Felt-tip pen number.

How long did it take to write? larmouth?

Three years and worked from Monday to Friday. I don’t work on weekends. There are no shortcuts to writing a book. You think about it, you dream about it. It’s no different than any other project: you just have to sit back and do it.

how would you describe larmouth?

I hate people who say, “I want to see a movie that makes me happy,” I decided to talk about the genre and write a “feel bad” romance, it’s about a woman who steals bags at airports. There, people are fascinated. I spend a lot of time traveling, so I have a good time to research all the things that can go wrong at airports. I knew someone who would steal pocketbooks from flight attendants. And about 10 years ago, someone stole La Mer cream from my checked bag. They did not take the Comme des Garcons jacket, but took La Mer. It wasn’t a huge jar, but it did hold more than three ounces. I would never risk bringing a huge jar of La Mer on a trip.

When did you start using La Mer?

long time ago!

John Waters Yarmouth

John Waters was the cover star of the October 2021 issue of Town and Country.

Douglas Friedman

Did you know they sell it at Costco now?

I do!

You watch a lot of movies and read a lot of books. Is it important to you to stay up-to-date with what’s going on in popular culture?

I want to keep up with things, and I think anyone has to keep up with the field they are in. If you are a writer, you must read. If you are an artist, you should go to all the galleries.

I’ve made movies. I have written notes. You have a display of the pronunciations. You have a summer festival. Why are you so busy?

I just love telling stories. I have a lot of different interests and no hobbies.

Isn’t it the worst, when people ask, “What are your hobbies?”

Exactly – why do you dare ask me that question!? Do I look like a dappler? What do I say: Stamp collecting? I don’t need anything to amuse me. I don’t have any friends who are hobbies.

Learmouth: A Vibrant Romance: A Novel

Does Living in Baltimore Make You More Productive?

I think it helps. I have no distractions, and am disciplined enough. It’s where my old friends are. Half of my friends aren’t in the entertainment industry, and nobody sees me at industry parties. It’s good to be around real people.

What is something that you did not get that you would like to have?

Elvira has a slot machine, which I don’t. I want to have a John Waters slot where you always lose.

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