MediaTek wants more US phones with its first 5G millimeter wave chipset

Aspirations Await With Dimension 1050

A global shortage of chips has disrupted the mobile sector and continues to rush in and allow MediaTek to claim a golden opportunity. IDC reported the company’s systems-on-chip share of “over 50%” of the Android market last year while the manufacturer itself says this is a repeat performer from 2020. With rumors that Samsung may resort to outside help to release a prominent smartphoneThe middle of 2022 is proving to be an exciting time for the Taiwanese company. And we’ve just announced, we have a batch of new silicon spanning the mid-range and including the company’s first millimeter-wave 5G crack.

Media Tech Dimensions 1050 Dimensions 930
fabrication 6nm TSMC
CPU 2 x Cortex-A78 (2.5GHz) + 6 x A55 2 x A78 (2.2 GHz) + 6 x A55 (2 GHz)
GPU Arm Mali-G610 MC3 Fantasy BXM-2-256
memory Up to UFS3.1, 2 x LPDDR5
Premium Connection mmW 5G (4CC), Sub-6 5G (3CC), Wi-Fi 6E Sub-6G 5G (2CC), LTE Cat. 15, Bluetooth 5.2
camera Imagiq 760 ISP (108MP, HW acc. HDR for dual cameras) 64MP, 108MP Option
an offer MiraVision 760 (low power FHD+ @ 144Hz) FHD + 120 Hz with HDR10 +

If you live in places where brands like “5G+,” “5G Ultra Capacity,” or even “5G Ultra Wideband” huddle, MediaTek is hoping you’ll see one or two phones that run the Dimensity 1050. It’s the first chipset in the company’s portfolio to support the wave spectrum. The 5G millimeter is in the n257, n258, n260 and n261 bands. Execs say their modem solution compares well with Qualcomm’s equivalent offering in peak transmission and even better in typical transmission and power consumption, band for band. And if it wasn’t already obvious, this new chip is aimed squarely at US hardware as carriers here tend to be more obsessed with millimeter wave technologies. Whether people actually use it (or are even able to) is Another questionbut this is for networks to answer.


MediaTek is particularly conscious of the supply chain with this round of releases. Dimensity 1050 is obtained from Dimensions 9000 With its fully capable graphics and AI pipelines while the GPU comes from 8000 . series, although in a smaller configuration with only half of the six cores. The company is also announcing the new Dimensity 930 plus Helio G99 which is unlikely to be seen in the North American market as it is a 4G-only chip. All of these SoCs will be manufactured with TSMC’s 6nm footprint — and the company hopes to meet both stock and repeat performance needs with the move, especially when the product starts moving over the next six months.

MediaTek is also driving Wi-Fi 7 compliance with its Filogic 380 solution for embedded devices and Filogic 880 for dedicated networking products – think routers for your home or business. The latter features the capability of three forward-haul bands and two dedicated backhaul traffic bands for maximum LAN speeds of up to 36Gbps. While we’ll have to wait some time yet for the 880, the 380 will help computers, smartphones, and all your smart devices connect to this powerful future network with more bandwidth allocated to each device and a theoretical higher throughput of 6.5 Gbps. Expect integration with products to be released in the first half of next year.

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