In a new interview with “Rock Of Nations With Dave Kinchen & Shane McEachern” Classic rock show, legendary German guitarist Michael Schenker He was asked about the previousPriest Judas guitar player KK DowningClaiming that he was the first person to bring a Flying V [guitar] to heavy metal at all.” Shankar Said (as written by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): “These guys over there are in desperate need of recognition and for being the first to take all the bloody credit, like my brother. It’s incredible. I don’t have any expectations, and because of that people think they can walk all over me and elude me and take credit. I even I heard Metallica Saying, guitarists, that they invented the enemy [rhythm]. I had jogging [UFO‘s] ‘rock bottom’we will before [METALLICA did]. These people are crazy. They desperately need fame.”

back to DowningClaim , Shankar He said, “First of all, Priest Judas And UFO He was recording in the same studio. And Priest Judas guitarists Michael Schenker fans. This is number one. Even if they Michael Schenker Fans, it is likely that KK Downing Tore me and not the other way around.

“Then, when I went to Whiskey A Go Go when it was my first American tour, with my girlfriend, when I was 19 – somewhere ’74 or so, ’75 – we saw Priest Judas In Whiskey A Go Go. When they went up to the stage, I looked at my girlfriend and she looked at me. He was my weakness – he was an absolute husband. He had curly hair, he had a Flying V, he had a stage costume as close as you can get. It was incredible. The truth is, everyone knows he likes him Michael SchenkerSo why would he lie about this in the first place? This is just crazy.”

He was asked when was the last time he spoke to him DowningAnd Shankar He said: We played in his place [KK’s Steel Mill in Wolverhampton, England]And in my dressing room there was a gift from KK Downing With an envelope with a nice welcome with chocolates and a whole basket full of goodies and things like that and with a thank you note, etc, etc. He was obviously very happy because I was playing in his place.”

When the hubs Dave Kenshin question Shankar If he is “surprised” by the fact that Downing He is credited with being the “first person” to bring the Flying V guitar to heavy metal music, Mikhail He said, “I am shocked, to be honest – that people are so desperate that they lie about it. Although people can trace back their interviews from when they said they Michael Schenker fans, etc., etc. He is incredible. But I’ll tell you what: I’ve heard and seen a lot of things. Nothing surprises me anymore.”

Shankar He previously expressed his belief that Downing Copied his look when he spoke to Canada metal sound In early April. axles dimension Jimmy Kay Notice it’s ‘wonderful’ how ‘everyone’ [was] Copied ” Shankarhis appearance and playing his guitar, Mikhail He said, “Yes, it was in the 80s at least. That’s what happens. Either they copied me or they copied them Eddie Van Halenor copied each other in the ’80s scene, just to be part of a trend.”

In the last years, Shankar His brother repeatedly accused, scorpions guitar player Rudolf Schenkerfrom “complete distortion” MikhailCharacter “as an icon using Flying V itself.” Sometimes Rudolph They would come to me and proudly report who tapped his shoulder and said, ‘Hello, Mikhailhow are you?’ scale down And Joe Berryfor example,” Mikhail Tell guitar world In a 2020 interview, “While I wasn’t looking, for years he managed to smear the hell out of Shankar the brothers. People no longer had a clue who it was. It’s unbelievable how he managed to distort everything. Rudolph make a deal with Gibson For black and white guitars. He asked me if I was thinking if he was playing in black and white Flying V. I asked myself why he wanted to be me, but I just said, “Go ahead.” Then he pushed it so far to try to make a black and white photo of his picture. He doesn’t know who he is. Then he had the cheek to make a deal with him Gibson For Flying V’s signature.”

last year, Downing Tell Sonic Views He was inspired to play Flying V guitar at a young age. “I grew up as a kid,” he said. “I saw Flying V in the store and couldn’t afford it. I was looking at it. I was Oliver Twist baby type – [I] I didn’t have the money, but somehow I knew it was the guitar I wanted to do. And now, obviously, Flying V is synonymous with heavy metal and rock. For me, there was no question.”

“my world”the new studio album from Shankar‘s Michael Schenker groupIt will be released on May 27th via Atomic Fire Chronicles.