NASCAR All-Star Race results: Ryan Blaney drives off the field to take $1 million on twisted finish

No one ever said it was easy to become a millionaire. Just ask Ryan Blaney. For a moment, he thought he had taken the checkered flag and had his first $1 million All-Star win. But then, he had to do it again in one of the most bizarre finishes the NASCAR All-Star Night has ever seen.

After a warning flag appeared as he was coming to the checkered flag, Ryan Blaney had to fend off Denny Hamlin and teammate Austin Sendrich in overtime. Despite having to make a hasty attempt to reattach his window net under caution, Blaney was able to fend off Hamlin to win the All-Star race at Texas Motor Speedway for the first All-Star win of his career.

Strange and controversial circumstances finally capped an all-star night filled with confusion and attrition.

NASCAR All-Star Race unofficial results

  1. #12 – Ryan Blaney
  2. #11 – Denny Hamlin
  3. #2 Austin Cendrick (Right)
  4. #99 – Daniel Suarez
  5. #22 – Joey Logano
  6. #48 – Alex Bowman
  7. #16 – AJ Allmendinger
  8. #17 – Chris Boecher
  9. #6 – Brad Kiselowski
  10. #20 – Christopher Bell

The 2022 NASCAR All-Star Race will, for better or worse, forever be remembered for its conclusion. Here’s exactly what happened, because there’s a lot to digest.

the end

Unlike point-push events on the NASCAR Cup Series calendar, All-Star Racing has its own unique race format and unique racing rules designed to make the most entertaining show possible rather than the pure test of man and machine. It’s been made for some great happenings and exciting moments over the years, but this year has generated an amusing ending for the arguably wrong reasons.

When Ryan Blaney exited Turn 4 for the last time to take the checkered flag, Ricky Stenhouse Jr. slipped. onto the track and crash into the wall out of the second turn. Although Stenhouse—who was at the back of the pack—only made minor contact, was able to carry on, and wasn’t in harm’s way, NASCAR chose to throw caution with Blaney a few yards from the finish line. The warning triggered a requirement in the All-Star Race rules that the race must finish under the green no matter what, necessitating a field replay to restart in overtime.

Not realizing that the race wasn’t over yet, Blaney started taking his net out the window in celebration, only for his crew to let him know that there would be another restart. Blaney tried to put the window grille back up, but attaching and securing the window grille is not easily done from the driver’s seat. As a result, Blaney was only able to re-grill his window again in a haphazard and loose fashion.

Although NASCAR requires that the window grille on each vehicle be secure for safety purposes, they chose to allow Blaney to complete the overtime replay with his net as is. Under normal racing conditions, Blaney would have raised the black flag, but there was no connection in this case.

“I want to thank NASCAR for letting me fix it and not making us slip in the hole way. It was really hard, and then I had to do it again after trying to get the window grill back in there,” Blaney told Fox Sports. “…that’s cool. I know it’s not a points-earning race, but it’s going to be a lot of fun. The party is going to be so big.”

Blaney was able to laugh, but many afterward were upset about NASCAR’s call for the warning, their decision to allow Blaney to continue with his open net, or both. The latter category belonged to Denny Hamlin, who advocated window netting for being clearly insecure and felt NASCAR should have a black-flag Blaney.

“Whatever the rule is, let’s be consistent and play by the rule,” Hamlin told reporters on the pit road. “It’s unfortunate, because he made a mistake. He should have won the race, he’s a hundred yards away from winning the race. … where NASCAR really got away with one is we almost crashed out (turn two), and so when I first sent him into traffic and a grid The window is broken, I don’t know, then they sued them.

“…I don’t know if it was an ethical issue they had, they were like ‘Okay, we cost him the win because we’ve been careful, we hate getting rid of that. “I think they were faced with a moral dilemma rather than just playing by the rules as they are supposed to.”

A statement from NASCAR competition officials is expected, Like Alan Kavanagh Speed ​​Sport States That Vice President of Competition Scott Miller will speak about the situation.

drain all stars

The impact on the reaction to termination based on safety concerns was the massive collapse of Phase Two. While driving for the race, Kyle Busch got hit by a right rear tire coming off Turn 4, and decelerated nicely from speed right on the front as he tried to get out of the tight race groove and out of harm’s way. When Busch tried to get down to get off the road, Ross Chastain misjudged where the Busch was going and ran into the left rear of the Busch at nearly full speed.

The collision launched Chastain’s car into the air and onto its side before it got back on all four wheels and assembled Chase Elliott, who spun and hit the outer wall. All drivers involved were unharmed.

“I saw Kyle having a problem like a tire crash. I guessed it was a left, and I had to guess right,” Chastain told Fox Sports. “Big blow to Cale. I didn’t think the wall would do the same damage as I did when I hit the wall, but I did hit an 18 and a 9.”

The other drivers found the wall either via tire failure or via a treacherous turn 4. Kyle Larson’s bid for a three-game winning streak ended with an All-Star victory when a front right tire fell off, sending him hard into the wall of Turn 4. Christopher Bell seemed to have a car capable of running in Blaney’s car, but he ended up spinning and hitting a wall, taking damage that ended his chances. Other drivers who have had an accident or had tire problems include Eric Jones, Ricky Stenhouse and Bubba Wallace.

While it came at a cost, the level of attrition and controversial finish likely spared NASCAR grumbling about a lackluster product on the track. With only one groove really usable in Texas, traffic was at a premium all night and plenty of racing was run as the field spread as the green flag races progressed. NASCAR Hall of Famer Dale Earnhardt Jr. quipped that the first stage was “About as fun as rice cakeKyle Larson also let him know his frustration with the race.

“I feel like our car was good enough depending on the restart because you can’t get through at all — especially the driver, anyway,” Larson said shortly before Kyle Busch crashed. “I think it’s Kyle’s race to lose at this point. It’s impossible to get through.”

Next race

With the All-Star weekend now over, NASCAR will go to its center in Charlotte, North Carolina for its longest race and one of its crown jewel events, the Coca-Cola 600 at Charlotte Motor Speedway next Sunday at 6 p.m. ET.