New movies, books and albums for summer 2022

We all talk about music, books, and entertainment, but for some reason, putting “summer” before these things just makes it even better. Summer music and summer and summer books entertainment A whole new level of fun! again Movies And TV Show to a musician Book drops and releases, there are *tons* of upcoming projects, so keep scrolling for everything you need to know about pop culture this summer.

what do you want to watch

B + C . lights

RevengeJuly 29

When radio host Ben travels to Texas from New York City after his girlfriend’s death, there’s more than he bargained for. When he learns that her entire family believes she has been murdered, Ben decides to help them investigate what happened. This black comedy movie stars BJ Novak, Ashton Kutcher, and Dove Cameron.

TV + other summer movies

There are a lot of movies and shows coming out this summer, from the long-awaited drop Stranger Things 4 May 27 to Where Cordads sings On the 15th of July. No matter what genre you prefer, this year’s entertainment is filled with captivating worlds and characters, and we can’t wait to take the plunge. Check out all we have summer movie recommendations!

If you like strong women, check out our site Enable Flow GuideFor lovers of adaptation, we’ve got Our favorite shows and movies are inspired by books. If you are a fashion fan of TV shows, check out Emily in ParisAnd offshore banks Style guidelines while setting up your Netflix.

what are you listening

B + C . lights

Tate McCray I thought I could flyMay 27

With hits like “You Broke Me First” and “She’s All I Want To Be”, there are millions (including us!!) who are eagerly awaiting McRae’s album. While her music is cheerful and lively, we love how relatable and vulnerable her lyrics are, and how they make us feel less alone.

Summer 2022 graduation albums

Drop Harry Styles’ latest album It totally got us in a summer mood. A lot of great albums are dropping this summer. Head over to our Spotify profile for Beach Days Playlist!

  • June 3: Post Malone, Twelve carat toothache
  • June 3: Angel Olsengreat moment
  • June 10: BTS, Evidence – proof
  • June 10: Grace Ives, Janki star
  • June 10: Carrie Underwood, Denim and rhinestones
  • June 17: Yaya Bay, Remember your North Star
  • June 24: Regina Spector, home before and after
  • June 24: Conan Gray, Superache
  • June 30: Blink-182 sunny days
  • July 15: Lizzo,distinct
  • July 15: Noah Cyrus, The hardest part
  • July 22: she and he,Melt Away: A Tribute to Brian Wilson
  • July 29: Maggie Rogers, Give up
  • August 19: Madonna, At last Enough of Love: 50 Counts

what are you reading

Fakes by Kirstin Chen

B + C . lights

counterfeiting By Kristen Chen, June 7

Ava is a Chinese American lawyer who works by the rules and seems to be enjoying an exemplary life. In fact, her world is collapsing. When Ava reconnects with fellow college classmate Winnie, whom Ava hasn’t seen since Winnie dropped out 20 years ago, she learns that Winnie’s newfound confidence and luxurious life have been attributed to a fake scheme: she imports nearly replicas of fancy handbags. Winnie needs someone with a US passport to help her with her business. But when they run into trouble, Winnie disappears again and Ava is left to pick up the pieces.

Other Summer Books

Whether you want an easy, refreshing beach read or a totally awful murder mystery, there are plenty of titles to dive into this summer. We can’t wait to wait for our B+C book club book loversBut if you’re stuck with all things Emily Henry, cCheck out our full list of summer books. Are you looking for TikTok recommendations? We also have BookTok book recommendations! Do you like female writers? theseTamkeen readingsShe is just for you.

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