New York area golfer Cameron Young in pursuit

TULSA, OK – Cameron Young has a chance to bring a major to the New York metropolitan area.

Of course, 25-year-old Young, who grew up learning the game in the footsteps of his father, David, longtime golf manager at Sleep Hollow Country Club in Briarcliffe Manor, wants to win. PGA Championship About himself and his family.

But Sunday’s win will put Young at the top of a short list of golf’s greatest ever accomplishments by a Met player.

Young, after shooting 3-under par 67 in Saturday’s third round to reach 5-under par for the championship, is in a prime position to do so on Sunday in the final round at Southern Hills, where he stands fourth and four shots behind leader Mito Pereira, who is at 9 years.

A victory in the PGA would be of great significance to the Young family, considering that Dave’s 35 years as a PGA professional has not only been his career, but also Cam’s stepping stone into the game in the first place.

Cameron Young
Cameron Young
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“It’s a PGA Championship, and it means a lot to me because of my family’s connection to it,” Young said. “It’s because of the PGA that [my dad] He got the job he held for the past several years. Without that, in Sleepy Hollow I don’t start playing at the age of four or earlier. I don’t have the access I used to have. I started playing in junior PGA events when I was nine or eight, something like that.

“I got a lot of access to golf because of that organization, to have the chance to go from the local PGA Juniors, the PGA Junior Nationals to the Junior Ryder Cup, and even play in the PGA Championship is really nice for me. It’s kind of been with me. all my way.

“If I were to win a major tournament, I would take any of them. With my dad here this particular week it would be unbelievable.”

David Young, who is coaching his son, and wife Barbara were sitting on a wall outside the Southern Hills Club after Cameron’s tour and were elated.

“This is kind of a scheme,” David told The Post. “This is something he’s been looking forward to for a very long time. The PGA Championship is very special to us. It’s a major tournament to start with, and then to be run by the organization that I’ve been a part of for 35 years adds a little extra importance to that.”

“We’ve all been lucky. I’ve been at Sleepy Hollow for over 20 years and they’re supportive of everything I’ve done, spending time with Cam. They’ve been so supportive of me. I’m sure not all the pros have the support I get from the club to go to Additional Curriculum.

“I’m really, really, really lucky for the PGA of America and Sleepy for the opportunities that I’ve had that Cam has.”

Now Cam, who is in his rookie year on the PGA Tour, has a chance to turn his life around with a victory on Sunday. It’s already been a great first year, finishing second and third place, and Earned a master’s degree for the first timealthough he missed the cut.

“I feel like I’m in the middle of a nice golf course and that just feels like what I should be doing,” Cam said.

“You can’t help but dream,” David Young said of a potential win. “He’s got a real shot. He’s been playing great and he didn’t have a Sunday after that which took everyone’s socks off. But he deserved it. He’s had a bunch of really good finishing touches this year, he’s just waiting for that hot Sunday run.”

The highlight of Cam’s third round came on the par-4 17 short hole, which we blew to 5-under after digging 4-wood on the green and making a knockout. David Young was standing on the green to witness it all.

“I was up in the green for a tee shot,” David said. “And I was on the line behind the ball and the shot hole and I saw the hit disappear. I might have already started on this.”

Maybe David Young will have reason to jump a little higher off the ground on Sunday if his son wins his first major.