Nicklas Backstrom could face a ‘big challenge’ surgery to come back from

Niklas Backstrom He could face an uncertain future if he chooses to have another operation on his hip, Sportsnet’s Elliot Friedman, a top NHL insider, He said in his podcast 32 ideasMonday.

Friedman, who co-hosted the capsule with Jeff Marrick, played an excerpt from Backstrom’s notes from the day of the crash.

“We’ll see what happens,” Backstrom said of rehabilitating his hip over the summer. “We have some decisions to make. Those decisions are not final yet, so we will make them day in and day out.”

These comments “surprised a lot of people,” Friedman said.

Friedman went on to say that if Backstrom chose to have another operation on his ailing hip, he would face a “stressful” comeback. Friedman ruled out the possible consequences of retiring or losing Backstrom for an entire season.

What I think it might be is if he’s having some kind of surgery which, judging by his comments he could be having, there’s a lot more to come back from for a guy with the miles that Backstrom had. There were some rumors about what he was weighing and that makes sense with what he said. It’s not just the injury, but the surgery that you can undergo and recover from. Which is a big deal. It’s a big challenge. I don’t know if that means he will retire or he will have to take a year off or something. I don’t have all of these answers. But the only thing I’ve heard is, if he’s had surgery, that kind of referring to his injuries, it’s a stressful and stressful thing rather than trivial.

“Like I said before, the hip will not be 100 percent,” Backstrom He said on the day of the collapse. “This is something we all know. Some days are good, some days are less good. This is just life.”

The Capitals appears to be hoping to avoid a second surgery.

“We’re going through options for him so he can treat it,” Caps General Manager Brian MacLellan said of Buckstrom. “He put in a lot of work and effort to come back this year. It’s still not the way he would like, so we will look at options to improve it.”

When asked if last year was sustainable, McClellan said, “Not the way it is now. It’s hard for him to play. He has two things in mind he wants to try and we’ll go from there.”

Whatever The Capitals and Backstrom do, MacLellan didn’t think he would put him out at the start of next season. Alex Ovechkin loaned it.

“He is a warrior. I am sure he will be better next year,” said Ove. Everyone knows what it means to the team and the organization to us. He is a leader. I hope it’s better.”

While speaking on the podcast, Friedman also talked about the capitals’ plans during the holiday period.

They will be in the goalkeepers market this season. No doubt about it. They looked at him. fluorescent and others during the regular season. I think they’ll look at each other now.

And then I think they’ll try to look at how to inject some new blood into their menu. Kuznetsov’s performance this season has been too big for them. If they were looking at next season where Backstrom was injured and Kuznetsov hadn’t come back, I think they would feel very uncertain. But I think Kuznetsov at least gave them the feeling that they had something there. McClellan wasn’t afraid to make big deals. I think he will look at some interesting things again.

The biggest thing is Backstrom and its future. The second biggest thing is the goalkeeper. And I think that after that, I think they’ll decide what other changes they want to make to their list. Do they want to get more guys on their team or get someone they think can still help them and win now.

Friedman also praised the Capitals for the way they played in the first round against the Florida Panthers.

The only thing about Washington and their playoff streak is that they’ve shown that when they need to, they can be a very disciplined team. They handed the teams a blueprint to beat Florida. They were very disciplined through the neutral zone. They put Florida’s power play in handcuffs. They played well enough to win that series. We simply ran out of gas. If anyone beats Florida, they will look at how they play in the capitals to do so.

You can listen to the full 32 ideas podcast here.

Banner photo: Elizabeth Kong/RMNB