Ravi Ranjan’s amazing journey from a childhood influenced by Naxal to becoming a major enabler of the startup ecosystem

Like the startup ecosystem with which he works closely, Ravi Rajan’s inspiring growth story is one of resilience, creativity, and determination to succeed amidst truly difficult odds.

However, despite the ups and downs, the brilliant young man from Jharkhand, the heartland of the Indian tribes, continued to build a reputation for himself in the startup world – and received numerous awards in the process.

Ravi’s childhood was fraught with many challenges. For example, the village of Japla, from which he hails in the Palamu district of Jharkhand, was one of the most Naxal affected districts of the country. Violence, terrorism, and the challenges arising from it disrupt Ranjan’s childhood.

He studied at a public school that was often closed due to Naxal’s activism which led him to seek special training to pass the exams. Upon completing his exams, Ravi moved to Chandigarh and a brief meeting with the news anchor was a turning point for him and enabled him to pursue his career in journalism.

Ranjan launched his media career in 2010 and leveraged his experience in media and event management to take a job as an event manager at a funded investment firm. His enthusiasm for the job at the investment firm gave him the opportunity to run a startup incubator center by the company.

Over the years, Ranjan has honed his skills further by developing an intense passion for the world of entrepreneurship and studying the growth brochures of well-known organizations such as ZomatoAnd FlipkartAnd Paytm. Then he moved on to work exclusively in the entrepreneurship sector, where he hone his skills in a business incubator. In his role, he has served as a mentor, advisor and mentor for young business leaders, helping them become successful entrepreneurs.

Having risen through the ranks, Ranjan is now a well-known figure in the startup world. On behalf of the Venture Catalyst Group, he helped sponsor Shark Tank India, which proved an immediate success with the general public.

In addition, he has helped manage major startup programs for NASSCOM 10,000 Startups, Indian Angel Network, Indian Chamber of Commerce, and other Indian state governments to encourage young people to start businesses.

Ranjan is also a well-known TedX speaker, government consultant, and startup specialist. Under the supervision and sponsorship of Seed Group, he will work to build a robust economic expansion corridor between India and the Middle East.

Recently, Seed Group, a subsidiary of the private office Sheikh Saeed bin Ahmed Al MaktoumRavi Ranjan as Director of Strategic Partnerships to head its India operations.

Seed Group has entered into several multi-million dollar agreements and undertaken multi-billion dollar investments around the world under the skillful leadership of the CEO Hisham Al Gurg. The group acts as a launching pad for new and existing companies and startups looking to expand their footprint in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), taking advantage of Dubai’s stable economy, favorable time zone and supportive government policies, a thriving business ecosystem, lucrative subsidies, and easy market access. new.

As part of its strategic expansion plans, Dubai-based Seed Group will open its official representative office in the southern Indian city of Bangalore, with an investment of $1.4 billion. This opportunity will help a very large community of Indians who are contributing to the UAE economy as business owners and entrepreneurs. This effort will also help bridge trade gaps between the two countries and make it easier for people to bring their business to Dubai or trade between countries.

Ravi Ranjan is one of the few rising leaders handpicked from India to be a part of the renowned IVLP program by the US Government, with over ten years of experience training commercial and government representatives in the finer details of business and entrepreneurship.