Schwäbisch-Hall unicorns skip La Courneuve Flash to pin them on their ticket to the CEFL Bowl

Unicorn defensive back Mitch Wittig races over the touchline en route to one of his two touchdowns

By Jordan Mineo

Jordan Newman, schwäbisch hall unicorn Head coach, on the promise full of excitement Central European Football League semi-final against France First team Flash La Courneuve.

On a beautiful day in early summer, the fans were packed OPTIMA Sportpark in Schwäbisch Hall, Germany A high-intensity soccer match back and forth has been handled with unicorns Postponing a sudden increase in the late difficult La Korneuve TeamAnd the shoot them down 35-21 in Central European Football League The semi-finals.

In a game with excellent performance, came one of the most impressive games unicorns Defensive back Mitch Wittig. Fettig, who played NCAA D1 football in Eastern Washington Universitywas one of the former college U.S. players on the list unicorns. The last of the quarterback was Riley Hennessy (Central Washington, NCAA Div.1). because of CEFL The rules, only two players with we College experience is allowed on each team, forcing teams to eliminate many of their best players. However, it turned out that the decision to bring in Fettig, as well as Hennessey, was the right one.

Although Fettig is a defensive back, in this match he was doing everything. It looked like there wasn’t a moment in the game where he wasn’t on the field as he also played wide receiver and came back as well as the defensive back. Fettig was able to live out every defensive player’s dream as he proved that he can catch up on the drag in two touchdown passes.

Unicorns WR Josh Haas #13 Heading to paydirt

It was rare for fans of either team to see an evenly matched game as both teams had so far outperformed their opponents. However, there was no doubt on Saturday that these two teams were a perfect match. La Korneuve He was able to make his way unicorns Defense based on passing and running short game.

The game started in the first quarter as Josh Haas scored in a 57-yard pass from Hennessy giving them a 7-0 lead. However, thanks to the former National Football League Tight End, Ryan Smith, flash She was able to tie 7-7 before the end of the quarter. in the second quarter, Schwäbisch Hall They regained their lead at 21 yards to land by Fettig. After five acquisition changes, La Korneuve Capture a Hennessy pass and return it to unicorns province. Flash, unfortunately, was unable to capitalize on the moment and lost an opportunity to equalize on an incomplete pass eight seconds before the end of the quarter. The score remained 14-7 before the end of the first half.

out of the locker room, Schwäbisch Hall He looked ready to pile on the offense. Fettig caught on his second touchdown to quickly widen the lead to 21-7. The unicorns It seemed like they would continue to advance even further after a failure flash Punt. However, the drive would eventually end with a missed field goal. Since then, the pendulum has transformed as La Korneuve It captured all the momentum. After Smith’s second touchdown today and the score from veteran wide receiver Steve Delaval, the score was tied at 21-21 in the early stages of the last quarter.

As he did many times before, unicornsLars Koslowski ran to the occasion. After a 52-yard bolt, he hits the ball into the end zone himself in order to touch three yards Schwäbisch Hall 28-21 lead. Then the turning point in the game occurred. The flash Walked deep inside Schwäbisch Hall Earth and is set to equalize when unicornsDefensive full back Jan Klink A La Korneuve Touch the two-yard line. The shift in momentum came suddenly and Koslowski seized the opportunity in the next play, forging his way flash The front seven then lunged 90 yards down to the three yard line. Then, in a third and one goal from the two, Hennessy found his way into the end zone, taking the win.

needless to say, unicorns Coach Jordan Newman was pleased:

“I am very proud of my team. We had to use a lot of young players today. On the one hand, because of the CEFL import rule, but on the other, because we had some injuries in the game. Our reserve players had to come up early against such a strong opponent and they have perfected it. With flying colors. I’m very happy about it!”

With this win, the unicorns Transfer to CEFL . bowl where they will face Italian Parma Panthers, Who used a stifling defense to strike Swiss Calanda Broncos 9-21.

The tournament match is scheduled to take place on June 23, with a location set next week.

Original text by Axel Streiche in German.

Photos: M. Löffler & R. Müller