Sony PlayStation VR2: Specs, sensitive console, and everything we know so far

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Sony’s PlayStation Virtual Reality (PSVR) headset has been patiently waiting for an updated version. Here’s what we know so far about that much-anticipated PlayStation 5 console upgrade.


The PSVR Headset 2 will feature the same black and white color scheme as the PS5 console, and will feature a lens adjustment dial to help users align the panels with their eyes. It will also include four cameras visible on the front of the headset, which will allow inside-out tracking to track your head movement without the need for external sensors. This latest release should provide a noticeable upgrade in terms of tracking accuracy.

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This wouldn’t be a wireless solution, but the PSVR 2 will connect to the PS5 via just one wire, which Sony claims will simplify setup when compared to the original.


The company has confirmed that PSVR 2 will contain 4K HDR OLED In-headphone viewing during CES 2022. This includes an expanded field of view so you can see more of the screen at once.
It will have the same 120Hz refresh rate as the original, which remains a competitor to the Quest 2 with the same refresh rate. Sony has also confirmed that the headset will use Advanced Display technology, which uses eye-tracking technology to improve the overall picture quality of what the user is viewing, while also saving resources on objects displayed in your peripheral vision.

There is a big difference between PSVR 2 and Quest 2 It is the inability to use the headset wirelessly. This is due to the fact that PSVR 2 does not have an internal CPU or GPU, and therefore requires a wired connection to the PS5 to function.


Besides the revamped headset, the PSVR 2 will also have newly designed consoles, described as focusing on great ergonomics. Sense controllers will have a more rounded appearance that allows for continuous human contact for haptic feedback, similar to DualSense controllers.

The controllers will include a PlayStation button, action buttons, an analog stick, a trigger, and a button where your thumb naturally rests. Adaptive triggers will provide various simulating sensations, such as resistance when you press down to pull an arc, or when you turn your vehicle in thick mud.

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Users will be able to use it in ways that mimic the movements of your hand when combined with motion sensors and position trackers. This will allow you to swing a sword or friendly wave to someone online.

In terms of charging the controllers, they will have the same USB-C port used by the PS5’s DualSense controllers.


Sony announced last week that the next State of Play will be June 2nd at 3PM PT, and will include a sneak peek at upcoming PSVR 2 games. While it looks like only a small part of the event will be dedicated to PSVR 2, it’s the first new information straight from Sony regarding VR 2 games since it previously confirmed that Horizon Zero Dawn VR The game was in the works for the new headset.

Release date and pricing

As for the PSVR 2 release date, Sony hasn’t set a release date yet. However, it wouldn’t be surprising if the headset debuted before the end of the year. With Sony also revealing that it hopes to release 20 games along with the headset, it would be a smart move on Sony’s behalf to get a “Holiday 2022” release if that’s possible.

Pricing for the headset is another relatively unknown at this point. The current version can still be found listed for around $250, including bundles for the same price. The Meta Quest 2 VR Headset retails for $299 / $399 for the 128/256 GB versions. Therefore, it would not be surprising if Sony kept a file PSVR Headset 2 About the same as the original price in order to remain a more affordable option than Meta

Highest Image Credit: Sony / PlayStation