2022 Stanley Cup Playoffs – Stories Behind the Goal Songs for the New York Rangers, Tampa Bay Lightning and Colorado Avalanches

It’s a familiar sight for any NHL fan. The disc bypasses the line. The crowd roars as the goalie horn reverberates across the field. Then the beats of the team’s goal song hit, signaling a full celebration and Pavlovian responses from those present. In New York, fans sing “whoa” and “hey, hey, hey” to Slapshot … Read more

John Tortorella talks about how lightning has changed after 2019: ‘We created a monster’

NEW YORK – While John Tortorella was watching another Lightning A playoff round—it’s six wins out of three peat in the Stanley Cup—one mainstream idea comes to mind. “We made a monster,” Tortorella said. athlete in Wednesday. Tortorella is the last coach to defeat Tampa Bay in a playoff series, in 2019 when he was … Read more

Mika Zipanjad, Chris Kreider, Chemistry leads the Rangers

Tampa, Florida – They might not have been Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski. Maybe not Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving either. But in Rangerstown, Chris Kreider and Mika Zibanejad star in Buddy’s longest running movie. The chemistry they developed on the ice during his six years in New York was one of the driving forces … Read more

Rangers aim to compete at a higher level against Lightning in Game 4

Tampa – The New York Rangers did not enter the Eastern Conference Final in naive disregard for the challenge of eliminating the two-time Stanley Cup champion. They knew it would be difficult. Now they know how long the task will be. The Rangers won games 1 and 2 against the Tampa Bay Lightning at home, … Read more

Rangers’ Ryan Lindgren is the face of the Black and Blue T-shirt

Tampa, Florida – There can be a fair amount of silk in a Rangers game and a fair amount of sparkle surrounding a Broadway hockey team. But the pool, two games away from the Stanley Cup Final, is full of iron and fibre. And no one embodies those qualities better than the blackest and bluest … Read more

Cooper Galant’s friendship suspended during Eastern Conference final

“It’s going to be an admirable handshake,” said Cooper, the Tampa Bay Lightning coach. Cooper and New York Rangers coach Galant are close friends. Their teams’ involvement in a series for the right to play in the Stanley Cup means the friendship is currently suspended, but will resume once the series ends. Rangers top their … Read more

Mika Zibanijad of Rangers has become the center of attention

You wondered if Mika Zibanijad could be a real superstar, and with five playoffs, he was giving you an answer. The Rangers were on the verge of elimination, returning to Pittsburgh 3-2 late, and Zibanijad had not yet scored in the series. His streak – the Rangers’ top streak – was restricted by Sidney Crosby … Read more

Esposito’s Loyalty with Lightning vs Rangers in Conference Final

The Lightning, a team Esposito co-founded in 1990, were hours from the start of the Eastern Conference Final with a 6-2 loss to the New York Rangers in Game One. Esposito was Rangers general manager from July 1986 until May 1989, having played for New York from 1975 to 1981. The Hockey Hall of Famer … Read more