The Meta takes another subtle step into the extremely massive metaverse

Meta Platforms Inc. has taken Another subtle step toward reinventing it when it changed its stock ticker symbol this week to ‘META’ from ‘FB’. The parent company of Facebook META, -3.68% It has spent the past few months shifting investors’ focus to its long-term strategy, particularly its push into the metaverse, a bloated network of … Read more

AI experts leave big tech companies to work on bustling new startups

Mostafa Soliman, co-founder of DeepMind, who recently left VP of AI Product Management and his role in AI policy at Google, also co-founded machine learning startup Inflection AI. Solomon has already employed many of his former colleagues. Bloomberg | Getty Images AI educators are resigning from top jobs at companies like The GoogleAnd the deadand … Read more

Here’s how dependent Apple’s supply chain is on Shanghai

Apple opened its 54th flagship store in Greater China in Wuhan in May. The iPhone maker warned in late April that supply chain disruptions due to China’s Covid controls were likely to hurt sales in the current quarter by $4 billion to $8 billion. soba pictures | Light Rocket | Getty Images Beijing – An … Read more

Meta shakes up the AI ​​unit amid a drive to grow

Facebook is shifting its AI development from central research labs to its product groups, a move aimed at accelerating adoption of the technology as it drives faster growth. the movement Cut with modern practice At several companies, including Facebook, which have focused AI research efforts in central hubs. ID pads a company , The social … Read more

QuickScan turns your Android phone into a scanner

Technostacks has launched the QuickScan app to turn any smartphone into a scanner. With the QuickScan Android Scanner app, users can take and scan a photo of a paper document, save and share a PDF file with various sharing options. Card, whiteboard scribble, handwritten notes, doodles or brainstorm ideas Once scanned, users can browse the … Read more

Bots can help fill shortages of agricultural workers, but internet coverage needs improvement

Imagine being able to spray a paddock at the touch of a button, or being on vacation and knowing exactly how your livestock are doing. the main points: ‘Hands-free’ farming can be used to improve efficiency, productivity and lifestyle But connectivity is a barrier, as there is no internet coverage required in parts of regional … Read more

Preparing astronauts for the mental and emotional challenges of deep space

Subscribe to CNN’s Wonder Theory newsletter. Explore the universe with news of amazing discoveries, scientific advances and more. CNN – The astronauts were adventurous space for 61 years to unlock human potential for exploration. But the floating freedom offered by the lack of attractiveness also introduces a number of limitations when it comes to the … Read more

How to survive a technology downturn, according to a venture capital investor

Venture capitalists at Lux Capital have some bad news. The outlook for the tech sector is likely to get worse – much worse. Lux Capital founders Josh Wolf and Peter Hebert say: Baron That a wide range of investment firms and portfolio firms are unlikely to do so Surviving deflation. “In the same way that … Read more

Erase the barriers of age and ability

Opinions expressed by entrepreneur Shareholders are their own. the retirement It is a destination seen by many as a luxury gain after a life of hard work and dedication, while others see it as a loss of purpose and competence. Whether you’re struggling to reach by choice, or it’s an overwhelming reality brought on by … Read more

Apple WWDC 2022 preview: New iOS, macOS expected

apple CEO Tim Cook will introduce Apple’s latest software releases for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Watch and TV on Monday to kick off WWDC, Apple’s annual Developer Conference. The new “bits,” as attendees often call updates, are Apple’s biggest software announcement of the year and set the overall strategy for Apple’s platform over the next 12 … Read more