Top 10 Comic Books That Increased In Value In The Last Week Include Secret Wars, Reproduction, And More

It’s been a relatively quiet week in the comics now that the dust is starting to settle from MULTIVERSE OF MADNESS (Don’t worry, our lips are closed). Fans and speculators have turned their attention to what some believe are coming in the future, with new mods like Paper Girls taking over a place alongside a massive multi-scenes book potentially charged in the MCU in Secret Wars. bubble! The studios hit again, and the number one spot is on top of this week’s Top Ten Players list!

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Number 10: SPAWN #9 | picture | 1993 | This week has been a relatively quiet week in the aftermarket world of comics, leaving room for some of the most consistent sellers and investment book collectors to re-emerge on the top 10 list. Angela’s debut. Shortly after its creation, the character got into a long, raging legal battle between Todd MacFarlane and Neil Gaiman over who owned the character’s public rights. This became a heated debate without a formal contract and went to court, leaving Gaiman, winner of a major settlement with McFarlane, giving Gaiman ownership of Angela. A year later, Gaiman sold the character to Marvel, making her Thor’s sister. However, its MCU rumor is the main factor driving its debut in this issue to track a raw FMV of $16, with a high sale of $192 for 9.8 CGC.

number 9: Spider-Man 2099 #1 | MARVEL | 1992 | This is another great collector’s book that has once again found its way onto the list. Since his debut in a final credit scene for SPIDER-MAN: INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE, the value of the first edition of Miguel O’Hara’s nostalgic series has steadily grown in value. Those sales will likely continue well into (and after) the film’s release, especially as rumors about the live-action portrayal of the character, which also includes Oscar Isaac, keep surfacing. This week we tracked a high $38.25 sale of the NM raw copy!

number 8: Batman Beyond: The White Knight #1 | DC | 2022 | This book is in progress, as it reappears on the list after a relatively uneventful week in the comic books. Robin’s new cameo from Red Hood continues its hot trend with firsts priced at $14 FMV and high sales of $200 for the CGC 9.8.

number 7: Paper Girls #1 | picture | 2015 | The Paper Girls hype has spread significantly after the first look at the Amazon Prime TV adaptation that came out last week. This Brian K. Vaughn story follows four girls who are involved in some serious time travel the morning after Halloween in 1988, leaving fans with some weird feelings. This first issue suffered a significant drop in value following news of the initial options in 2019. However, fans are once again grabbing this book before the show drops, hoping that Prime will continue its track record of strong mods like Invincible. We tracked the initials at FMV at $28, with a high of $150 selling for $9.8.

Number 6: New Avengers #7 | MARVEL | 2005 | MULTIVERSE OF MADNESS has sparked the debut of many new characters and the emergence of a new team. Once the Illuminati was confirmed, fans flocked to capture the first appearance of the legendary Marvel group. Since the movie is still new, we’ll be keeping our lips pressed for our concerns about the longevity of the Illuminati until next week. At the moment, we’ve been tracking the initials at FMV at $46, with a high of $324 selling for 9.8 CGC.

no 5: Thor #1 | MARVEL | 2014 | Jane Foster’s first cover appearance as Thor lands in exactly the same spot as last week. With THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER, fans hope it’ll be fun, maybe electrifying. This week we tracked the initials in FMV at $102, with a high sell of $307.65 for CGC 9.8.

Number 4: GRIM #1 – JAE LEE and JUNE CHUNG | bubble! studios | 2022 | Grim is the latest from Boom! Studios by Stephanie Phillips received quite a stir. The series follows Jessica Harrow, a recruiter of the Dead Reaper who doesn’t know how it happened and who searches for the Grim Reaper. With the success of Boom! Over the past several years, fans have been in a hurry to choose their favorite cover for this book. Jae Lee and Jun Chung totally smashed this. We tracked down recent primaries at a high price of $20 for the initial one.

Number 3: GRIM #1 – DAVE JOHNSON – VIRGIN (1 per store) | bubble! studios | 2022 | As mentioned, Grim #1 had a lot of variants from many of the leading artists in the industry. This every-store alternative from Dave Johnson has left collectors and speculators eager to be the first to pick up some limited supply when they visit the LCS. Skull cap collectors will want this once they close their eyes with the giant skull adorning the cap, which explains us tracking this variant at the high selling price of $45 for the raw copy.

Number 2: Secret Wars #1 | MARVEL | 2015 | Outside of what’s to come in the next few years, where is the MCU headed next in terms of the multiverse (in a broad sense)? After the events of MULTIVERSE OF MADNESS, many are looking towards this Secret Wars series as the endgame of, well, the Endgame. This story from Johnathan Hickman, where universes collide and the multiverse eventually collapses, is an epic book in which nearly every Marvel hero appears. Speculation suggests that this is where the MCU is headed in the long run. The surreal cover A Art by Alex Ross makes this the cherry on top, and many felt the need to pick up this previous book under the radar among its nearly 50 different genres. We tracked down the initial copies in FMV of $7, with a sale high of $200 for 9.8.

No. 1: Fantastic Four #245 – NEWSSTAND | MARVEL | 1982 | We told you we have Weird Store #1. This book features the adult debut of Franklin Richards, son of Reed Richards and Sue Storm, aka Avatar. With his life-like abilities to fake reality, he’s one of the most powerful entities in all of the Marvel comics, which the Collectors turned their eyes on after a brief reference to the presence of Richards’ children in the new DOCTOR STRANGE movie. Thought to be a mutant, in this case it was revealed that his subconscious mind had altered his anatomy to appear to contain the X gene. Why collectors choose this over Franklin’s first appearance as a baby or child makes us scratch our heads. However, if there was a character in the MCU doing the demolition of the multiverse, it was Franklin Richards, and an extremely powerful version of it would be required to do so. We tracked down raw copies at FMV of $14, with a high sale of $140 for 9.4 CGC.

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