Top 10 Planets in the Mass Effect Trilogy, Ranked

Mass Effect Legendary Edition offers players the chance to dive into each game in the series’ main trilogy, and explore the incredible locations each has to offer. Commander Shepard’s mission will have you leap on the planet with your crew as you take the fight to the Reapers before they take out all the love life in the universe.

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The best planets will give you a chance to learn more about your enemies and make friends with valuable companions who will help you maintain both the Serpent Nebula and Terminal Systems. From the infamous choice between Kaidan and Ashley to the final showdown with the Reapers, these planets all present important and memorable moments in your journey through all three games.


10 Virus – Mass Effect 1

Zhu’s Hope serves as your base of operations in the colonial world of Feros. Exogeni Corporation has set up shop on this dusty planet to explore legendary Prothian ruins. Feros is usually one of the first stops on your quest to discover the truth about Saren and the Reapers, and it also offers a chance to talk to Thorian.

Once you solve your task and learn about the channel, you are faced with one of the many choices along your journey where the fate of Asari, Shiala, and the colony rests on your shoulders. This choice will have consequences for later games as well, as Shiala will reappear in both entries to further assist in the fight against the Reapers.

9 Ranosh – Mass Effect 3

The former Quarian realm is now a barren wasteland unrecognizable as the “walled garden” in which he was once praised. Tally is wanted for this planet, which shouldn’t be a problem as she often finds herself among the best companions she can use throughout the game.

Now home to Reaper Base, a planet once teeming with Koreans and local wildlife has been overrun by artificial invaders: Jeth. Rannoch offers players a glimpse into their bleak future if the Reapers are not stopped, as they threaten to turn all planets into their personal resource mines.

8 3 . Earth Mass Effect

Commander Shepherd’s home in the Sol System hosts the final showdown with the Reapers and usher in one of the most polarizing endings in modern video game history. The entire series leads to this ultimate conflict with a dynasty of creatures that have wiped out planets and stolen friends from Shepards along the way.

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Earth offers a great deal of buildup followed by several cinematic moments as the final mission progresses through a dramatic barrage of bullets and grenades. Take the time to immerse yourself in the last moments with your team here and think about the journey that brought you to this crucial moment. Enjoy the last timeout, because the end will be in a bumpy road.

7 Tuchanka – Mass Effect 2 and 3

Perhaps one of the most frequently mentioned is the infamous Krogan homeworld as bits of context are revealed about Genophage in preparation for your final journey here. The planet itself is nearly uninhabitable, and has been damaged by bombing craters, disease and deadly temperatures, leaving it in a nuclear winter.

Up to this point, the Krogans look like a warrior race that’s gotten a short end to the post-war wand, but once you learn how exhausting and deadly the results of Genophage are, you can’t help but reconsider everything you’ve been told about Krogans. Tuchanka’s appearances in the series offer many important and heart-wrenching experiences that Mordin fans will surely tell you.

6 Noviria – Mass Effect 1 & 3

The majestic and wintry world of Noveria is perhaps best remembered as Mass Effect 1 as it presents A pivotal encounter with Matriarch Benezia, who you discover has a close relationship with your teammate, Liara Tsoni. The planet is a quiet and safe snowy haven for those who do not wish to be found.

On the way to your meeting with Matriarch Benezia, you will also encounter many insect-like creatures: Rachni. Your choice to spare or kill the Queen will follow Shepherd for a long time, as she receives a small update in Mass Effect 2 and You can even recruit Rachni to fight the Reapers in Mass Effect 3 if you’re generous enough to save them from extinction.

5 Sur’Kesh – Mass Effect 3

A companion planet to the events in Tuchanka, Sur’Kesh claims the Genophage’s final resting place, where Shepard must help Krogan eradicate this plague in their history. Shepard and their Krogan companion, Grunt, are also facing one of the leader’s old companions here – Udrnot Wrex – if he survives the events of your Mass Effect 1 game.

Sur’Kesh is an excellent meeting place where Genophage’s history finally turns into concrete action where Shepard can finally right the wrongs that have plagued his longtime current friends. this mission He even offers a rare perspective of a female Crogan named Eve, which is one of the few of its kind remaining due to the devastating effect of gnovage.

4 Elos – Mass Effect 1

Elos was once a lush jungle realm filled with wonderful cities during the golden age of the mysterious extinct race known as the Prothians. but, The surface of Ilos has since been destroyed and left in ruins as wildfires rage across the land surrounding an ancient technological marvel: The Conduit.

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Ilos also gives Shepard an incredibly rare opportunity to converse with Vigil, a proto-AI reawakened by Shepard’s actions. This is one of the few opportunities for Shepard to learn about the Prothean race until the crew eventually meets Javik, another of the Protheans in Mass Effect 3.

3 Vermeer – Mass Effect 1

Perhaps the most memorable planet in Mass Effect 1, Virmire is a beautiful and flowering world speckled with shimmering bodies of water and green rocky mountainsides. However, this wonderful planet also houses a base for Saren, the main antagonist of the first game.

Peak of the Planet presents players with their first major life-or-death decision between saving Ashley or Kaidan, after an emotional battle with Sarin. You’re left to contemplate your agonizing choice as you make your way to the rescue of your chosen teammate, giving Shepherd a first taste of the brutality of war.

2 Illium – Mass Effect 2

Although not officially an Asarean planet, This beautiful world that Asari runs is a youthful town where almost everything is legal, except for murder. Illium is a business focused planet with glitz and glamor that go along with it. While Shepard will not have time to participate in the many immersion in this world, there will be time to meet new companions.

Both Thane and Samara can be found at Illium, where the former can be found with the help of Shepard’s old companion, Liara. After Shepard follows Liara’s lead, you’ll eventually meet the killer Thane, one of the series’ most formidable characters. Be sure to research him to find out more about his past, as Thane isn’t much of a talker.

1 Omega – Mass Effect 2 and 3

considered as The castle’s Terminus System counterpart, this broken, brooding world is teeming with a galaxy of abandoned value, drugs, and dancers just looking to leave their troubles behind for a night or two. While it’s technically an asteroid, Omega has everything a full-size planet could need, and several thousand criminals could do without.

Omega is central in both its looks, especially in ME 2 where you can recruit Zedd, Garrus, and Suppliers – valuable and engaging companions that will appeal to veterans and new players alike. Afterlife, Omega’s nightclub, will serve as a focal point in your meetings with the ruler of Omega, Arya Talk, as you navigate a dark hidden region of the Omega political underworld.

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