Tuesday’s five picks, including Brandon Crawford and Bryce Harper

Tuesday’s MLB roster features 16 games, which means there are plenty of props for players to take advantage of across the board.

Players props have become among the most popular bets in the industry, but at a time when more and more countries have legal gambling, some may feel neglected.

Enters PrizePicks.

With PrizePicks, you will have the opportunity to basically exploit the game prop/up/down with cash payouts depending on how many you get right on that day’s list.

So, let’s take a look at some of the options on Tuesday’s MLB slate and see where we can find some value for money.

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You can do Flex Play or Power Play. Flex Play gives you lower odds, but you can win money even if you don’t fail every pick. Meanwhile, Power Play is like parlay – it’s all or nothing.

Here’s how to handle today’s MLB roster.

What is PrizePicks? Daily Fantasy Player – which means it’s available in more states (30) than sports betting! PrizePicks offers a unique opportunity to work on player props in which you invest two or more games together.

MLB PrizePicks runs for Tuesday, June 7

Ranger Suarez Pitcher Fantasy Score under 24.5

Phyllis against. Brewer 8:10 PM ET

Tuesday night features the first game of a three-game series as the Milwaukee Brewers host the Philadelphia Phillies. Left-hander Ranger Suarez is expected to take the hill to Philadelphia and should be a good candidate in this competition.

Through 10 starts this season, Suarez has a 4.69 ERA and 1.563 WHIP. His metrics aren’t much better as Suarez owns .345 xwOBA, .272 xBA and .450 xSLG.

In 20 career board appearances against Suarez, the current Brewers lineup includes .378 xBA, .526 xSLG and .433 xwOBA. Suarez has now gone to this fantasy score in each of his last three starts.

Bryce Harbor under 1.5 hits + walks

Phillies vs. Brewers 8:10pm ET

I’m also undercutting some of the Philadelphia hitters in this game as the Phillies are set to face right-handed Jason Alexander. In his first start of the season, Alexander allowed only two runs on seven strokes in seven rounds.

Alexander’s benchmarks support his solid performance as he deployed 286 xwOBA, .252 xBA and .295 xSLG. This will be Bryce Harper’s first match against Alexander, so it may take a few times during the hitting order to figure out how he’s throwing.

Harper is now below that total in eight of his last 14 games (57%).

Nick Castellanos Heat Fantasy Score under 7.5

Phillies vs. Brewers 8:10pm ET

The other Velez hitter who faded in this match is Nick Castellanos. Like Harper, Castellanos has never faced Alexander before, and it may take a few times through the batting order to figure out how to throw.

Castellanos’ numbers are pretty low when facing right-handed shooters this season because he only has 0.236 BAs. Castellanos has undergone this fantastic aggregate score in each of his last five matches.

Brandon Crawford Over 0.5 points + RBIs

Rocky against. giants 9:45 PM ET

Tuesday night also features the first of three matches NL West Series where the San Francisco Giants host the Colorado Rockies. I’m supporting a few giants-hitters in this game as Germany’s right-handed Marquez is set to take the hill for the Rockies.

There’s no way to color this one, but the German Marquez has been pretty terrible this season. Through 10 starts, Marquez has a 6.71 ERA and 1.618 WHIP.

Marquez has now allowed four or more winning games in seven of his last nine matches. Meanwhile, Brandon Crawford has scored at least one run/RBI in each of his last two games.

In 35 career games against the Marquez, Crawford boasts 344 BA, .531 SLG and .396 woopa.

Jock Pederson Heater Fantasy Score Over 7.5

Rockies vs. Giants 9:45 PM ET

The other Giants hitter I support in this game is Jock Pederson. In 25 careers at bat against Marquez, Pedersen boasts a .480 SLG where he has played and doubled.

Pederson is a completely different player when attacking right-handed bowlers this season. In 132 board appearances against right-handers this season, Pederson boasts .278 BA, .356 OBP, .600 SLG and .956 OPS.

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