Universal Studios’ Nintendo World will show augmented reality game ‘Mario Kart’

Los Angeles County, California. (KTLA) — Universal Studios Hollywood on Thursday gave fans a sneak peek at a new augmented reality tour that will open next year at its upcoming theme park. Super Nintendo World.

The new ride, dubbed “Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge,” has been rated “one of the largest and most interactive in the world,” according to a press release from International studios.

Guests will enter the Nintendo-themed land through the famous Warp Pipe and end up riding inside Bowser Castle, where they promised “A multi-dimensional experience that recreates the distinct environments of Mario Kart games.”

The riders will sit inside 4 Seater Mario Kart Cars Inspired by the Video Game, Tie It Up Head-mounted augmented reality glasses, and with a countdown timer, start the race.

The new ride will feature augmented reality and mapping technology, leading guests into the world of Mario through a “multi-sensory abundance of colour, sound and motion.”

Just like the game, guests will be able to drive the courses underwater and in the clouds as they compete for the gold cup and collect coins.

The theme park says the ride will appeal to guests of all ages.

The Nintendo-themed land is set to open in early 2023, though Universal Studios has yet to announce the exact opening day.

The immersive, game-inspired attraction will be the first Super Nintendo World game to open in the US, after debuting in Japan in 2021.

Besides the trip, the immersive land will include interactive areas, as well as themed shopping and dining locations, Universal Studios officials said.