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Anna Shay, Ken Lim, Kelly Mi Lee, Jimmy Z in Season 2 of Bling empire.

Secret Bafu/Netflix

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Secret Bafu/Netflix

Anna Shay, Ken Lim, Kelly Mi Lee, Jimmy Z in Season 2 of Bling empire.

Secret Bafu/Netflix

This week, a college student home for vacation Take pictures of the shelter animalsAnd Harry Stiles NPR’s Laila Fadel told NPR she gave “the best commencement speech in the history of the Northeast,” and Tom Cruise reminded us that “No one asked Gene Kelly why he danced.”

Here’s what the Pop Culture Happy Hour team has been paying attention to—and what you should check out this weekend.

I Was Better Last Night: A Memoir by Harvey Fierstein

I Was Better Last Night: A Memoir by Harvey Ferstein.

Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group

Actor, writer, and activist Harvey Fierstein has just released his memoir You were better last night. It’s a good read, but a great listen because he narrates the audiobook and his voice is very creative.

Ferstein has stories to tell. He talks about coming of age in New York City, the Andy Warhol Factory, Off-Broadway theater, drag shows, his struggles with alcoholism, and of course the AIDS epidemic. Feirstein remains rightfully angry at the upright culture’s lack of urgency about the AIDS crisis, and does a great job of documenting the fear straight people had of him, even when they were awarding him prizes. You were better last night It is an account of a history that I don’t think we can afford to forget, by someone who lived through it. It’s straightforward, straightforward, and undoubtedly worth a read. – Glenn Weldon

The second season of Bling Empire on Netflix

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Bling Empire kinda like a Crazy Rich Asians reality TV show, but I remember feeling like season one was trying to do too much. They were trying to culturally educate audiences while also emphasizing that they were just like any other reality show. It just didn’t work.

But in season two, they seem to have settled on what the show actually is, a frivolous reality show. It’s just very clear: someone says something bad about another person, and the person they’re talking to takes that piece of information and goes straight to the person being spoken to in the trash and it all becomes a mess. I was pleasantly surprised by the show which was just a fun reality TV show and I’m not trying to be any more than it is. —Tobin Low

“Future Warning on the Time Traveler’s Wife” by Catherine Van Arendonk

HBO . has been launched

Sometimes you have to admit it I wrote about something, but someone else wrote about it better. I would really recommend you to read Catherine van Arendonk’s book ‘Warning from the future about Time Traveler’s Wife. “ It’s a review of a very strange TV adaptation of the novel Time Traveler’s Wifewhich follows the well-respected film adaptation.

that it Unbelievably It’s hard to find a way to make a disappointing presentation, but Catherine found a way by incorporating time travel into her review about Time Traveler’s Wife. She talks to herself as a critic starting the show, gets messages from herself after she’s seen the entire show, and talks to herself in 2010 (for several reasons). It’s a great visualization, and I’m always here for a fun, creative way to review not so good TV. So, while I can’t recommend Time Traveler’s WifeI can recommend this review. – Linda Holmes

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