Which of the NBA players who did 27 of the best 2022 NBA Draft odds do they compare themselves to?

Chicago – Player combinations are an old-fashioned way of making sense of the draft. They create easy-to-understand inferences for teams and fans to understand what and who they are looking at.

This kind of framework is beyond online guesswork. last week NBA They said the Combine project, one of the most common questions these players were asked, was about their NBA comparisons.

It can be an insightful question. It reveals how players think about themselves and their game, how realistic that may or may not be, as well as who they think the NBA teams value at this moment in time.

last week, the athlete They asked a slew of potential drafts about which NBA companies they use for themselves when introducing teams to themselves during the interview process. Their answers are below.

Wisconsin goalkeeper Johnny Davis

companies: Devin Booker

Why: “I like the way he hits the ball. He’s a three-tier scorer.”

Kentucky guard TyTy Washington

companies: D’Angelo RussellAnd Therese Maxi And Jamal Murray

Reason: Russell because of his speed and feel of the game; Maxey because he keeps his game simple; Murray because he plays pick and roll.

Milwaukee Forward Patrick Baldwin Jr.

companies: Michael Porter Jr.

The reason: “You never want to put a stop to yourself, first of all. But there are some guys you watch a movie, and you pull of them. I know a common name that surrounds me is Michael Porter. So that’s a common name around circles. I think that’s a good start.” But you always want to build a roof out of that and keep moving forward and improving every year.”

G League lights up goalkeeper Dyson Daniels

companies: Therese Halliburton in a crime, Lonzo Pool or Alex Caruso in defense

The reason: “It’s a tough match for me because I have such a unique game.” Daniels said he hopes to develop into a file Luka DonjicRole type.

Nebraska goalkeeper Bryce McGuins

companies: Zach Lavigne And Devin Booker

The reason: “Their ability to get into their positions and score in all three levels. Use their sport. They are just talented players.”

Ohio State Pavilion Angel Branham

Comp: watch Karis Levert And khris middleton

The reason: Branham cites that they have the same build and says he’s a three-tier scorer, like them.

LSU striker Tare Eason

Comp: Herb Jones uses, be honest with you And Jeramy Grant Like his companies now, while Kohi Leonard is its roof.

Baylor striker Kendall Brown

Companies: the Scotty Barnes point forward template

Why: “Any point in the league. Two players. Players like Scotty Barnes and Kowhi Leonard. I can be one of the better two-way players, so that’s what I see myself as.”

Notre Dame goalkeeper Blake Wesley

companies: Jordan Paul

Why: “The way he enters and does his part.”

G League ignites winger MarJon Beauchamp

companies: Michael Bridges And Matisse Thibault In defense he said the Pacers who sees Paul George Like his attacking capabilities.

Ohio State striker AJ Liddell

Companies: parts of PJ TuckerAnd Grant WilliamsAnd Paul MillsapAnd Draymond Green.

The reason: Guys like PJ Tucker, Grant Williams, Paul Millsap, and Draymond. I was going to take pieces of their game, offensively and defensively. Like Draymond’s passing ability and heart that all these guys put on the defensive end.”

North Carolina guard Terquavion Smith

Companies: Therese Maxi and Jordan Paul

Why: “They fast and shoot the three balls well.”

Toledo goalkeeper Ryan Rollins

companies: CJ McCollumDevin Booker Jordan Bowl

Reason: “Combo Keepers can create themselves and others.”

Kansas goalkeeper Christian Brown

companies: grizzly wing Dillon Brooks.

The reason: “The character Dillon Brooks brings to the Grizzlies. I’d say some of that is good companies from me. He’s a 3D guy willing to guard multiple locations. He’s just a guy with a lot of energy, a lot of passion and toughness. He has a chip on the His shoulder and I think I bring it to the team. So this is the guy I’m going to compare myself to and I think he does a lot of similar things to me.”

Auburn Walker Kessler Center

companies: Rudy Gobert in a crime, Brooke Lopez in defense

The reason: “I cover the pickup better. I move my feet faster.”

Memphis striker Josh Minot

Comp: Mix between Mikal Bridges and Derek Jones Jr.

Why: “Both are exceptional defense; more athletic than the other. But like Mikal Bridges’ style of play in terms of just knowing the correct reading, creating the transition and closing 3 open, then being irresponsible on several switches. Something like that, and I feel very versatile in defense. And on the downside, he’s just helping in defense and in the transition, like Derek Jones Jr. He might definitely be more athletic than me. But I’d say somewhere in there, you know.”

Arkansas Jaylene Williams Center

Companies: parts of AlhorfordDraymond Green Pam AdebayoAnd Nikola Jokic

Why: “I use a mix of players. Al Horford, I feel like a big guy a lot like. I’d say Draymond for his leadership and defence. I’d say Pam, the way he can handle offense. He can manage offense from the top. I like to say Jokić just because he can.” Pass the ball; he can do things like that.”

Fort Erie Prep Team Striker Leonard Miller

companies: Kevin Durant

The reason: “Mostly someone like Kevin Durant. Because he does things on the court that I feel I can do. I strive to be better and better every day and perfect for them. You know, I can prove a lot in those areas and sharpen them.”

UCLA Pavilion Peyton Watson

Companies: Michal Bridges

The reason: “One player I’ve done a lot of movie study on, and a player that I feel I can be like is a defender Michael Bridges. I definitely feel like I can fill that role for an NBA team, and I’m just focused on maximizing my talent and being the best player I can possibly be. I’m really being. A lot of people are kind of saying I’m one of the biggest puzzles in this year’s draft, but I can’t wait to get out there and start playing and show what I can do on both ends of the floor.”

Elite Overtime Striker Dom Barlow

companies: Pascal Siakam

Why: “We have similar bodies. I think I also have a high motor, kind of like him. I tried to influence the game in different ways. And we moved the same way, like body type in terms of wisdom and movement type are very similar. Definitely excited about his brain selection.”

Florida State striker John Butler Jr

Comp: Cam Johnson, Chris BoucherAnd Jonathan Isaac

The reason: “I really like the way these guys made an impact early on and found a role.”

J-League I encourage striker Michael Foster Jr.

companies: Bobby PortezP.J. Tucker

The reason: “The niche I like to pick is like the roles of Bobby Portez and PJ Tucker. Things like that – just a 3D guy. Because I understand rookie laps. They don’t need me to go out and score. They want me to be aggressive, counterattack offensively. And defensively. Just bring the energy and be present.”

Jungle ranger Alonds Williams wakes up

companies: Jrue holidaybut he watched a lot LeBron James He grew up and designed his game after James.

The reason: “I’m a type 1 passer and I’m a bigger goalkeeper… I like to pass the ball first and score whenever I want to. That’s what he’s always done so I looked at that.”

Rutgers Ron Harbor Junior Suite

Companies: PJ Tucker

Why: “I use PJ Tucker. It’s precisely because it only affects winning in such a drastic way. Every time someone talks about PJ Tucker it’s like, ‘Oh, that guy’s a winner.'” contributes to winning. And I kind of want people to say the same about me. People will say I’m a winner. I contribute to the victory. I am suitable for any role. Whatever role you want me to play, I’ll go out there and do it. I just want to win.”

Gonzaga goalkeeper Andrew Nymbard

companies: Teos Jones

The reason: “I think he’s someone I can emulate early in my career off the bench as a secondary goalkeeper. He just wins games. She has a high assist-to-turn ratio. He’s solid.”

Seton Hall winger Jared Rhoden

Companies: Michal Bridges

Why: “(He) can only take advantage of his versatility on both the defensive end and the offensive end. Just using his height. I’m someone who uses only my height and angle to affect the game, whether that’s defensively behind smaller guards or being able to play in the NBA in the Modern era, four man guard, triple guard bigger. Offensive, which makes the game simple. Whether it’s throwing the ball forward either fast offensive rebounds, rebounds, catches, 3s shots, or playing close-kicks, and just, you know Keep the game simple as Michael Bridges does.”

Louisiana Tech forward Kenneth Lofton Jr.

Comp: Nikola Jokic

The reason: “Although I say I’m a different person, because some people have one or two limited things, and I feel like I have a whole book of things that I can pull off and show the NBA teams…we have the same thing he played. He can shoot, dribble, Publishing, pretty much doing everything I do. I feel like I’m doing a little more jumping than Jokić, but you know, I feel like we’re playing similarly.”

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